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Computer Engineering Personal Statement

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I always wondered that what pleasure might mountain climbers get when they reach the summit of a mountain. What could be the internal forces that encourage the hikers to go for such perilous quest and keep on crossing every hurdle stubbornly to reach the top? Till my 9th class, I had not seen the computer, but only knew that there is something called as computer which can solve the problems in a blink of an eye that a man could not in hours. In my 10th class, I saw a computer’s picture included in a chapter on computer in my Punjabi textbook. From this chapter, I came to know about various applications of the computer. My teacher while telling us about the computer went tangent from the topic and started talking about computer engineers because his son was pursuing computer engineering at that time. My teacher’s lecture kindled the interest inside me for computer studies. I had decided that I will also become a computer engineer.
My new born interest in computer made me join one month course about computer basics in summer vacations after 10th class. My exceptional performance in computer course boosted my confidence that I must go for computer studies. But, there was a big hurdle which I need to cross to fulfill
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mentioned in the catalogue. Marshall Brain and many more eminent personalities from other academic fields assures me that North Carolina State University is the right place for me to pursue my Masters in Computer Science. The degree will provide me with knowledge which would work as a booster in achieving my objectives and goals. Upon completion of this program, I would like to enhance my technical expertise by pursuing a doctoral program or working with leaders in innovation in computer science

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