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―Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.‖
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We must admit that we do not know everything. What you know for now will soon pass and be forgotten. Learning must be continues. Life is never ending learning. Especially to us, Information technologist/IT Students, today‘s trending will not be the same for tomorrow. Software companies upgraded their versions. Business companies upgraded their systems. The technology is changing, changing for the better, so we must. Big thanks to our fellow Information technologist/IT Students who has a big heart in sharing their knowledge. Through seminars and workshops, they gave time to impart to us their knowledge. These are lessons and topics that are interesting and the needs in the industry. EGlobio Training Center is an organization that conducts seminars and workshops. The topics they‘re presenting are Industry-based seminars. EGlobio Training Center held their 3rd It Innovations Congress seminar last August 16, 2014 with a theme ―Unifying Filipino IT Enthusiast, One Mind | One Goal | One Desire.‖ It was held at Ever Gotesco Malls, Commonwealth. This seminar was attended by different schools. This One-day seminar is subdivided into four parts with certificates. First, CISCO Network Security which is presented by Engr. Dan Ablong. Second, 3D Animation discussed by by Mr. Joselito ―Jet‖ Legazpi. Third and last, Android Mobile Apps Development and HTML5 elaborated by Prof. Erwin Globio.

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Mr. Danilo M. Ablong Cisco Certified Professional Topic: CISCO Security

Topics discussed? 1.Cisco Definition 2.Types of Attacker 3.What is Security Policy? 4.Function of Security Policy 5.Applying Cisco IOS Security Features to Routers 6.Password Recovery 7.Access Control List

Cisco Definition is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California,United States, that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. The name "Cisco" was derived from the city name, San Francisco,which is why the company's engineers insisted on using the lower case"Cisco" in the early days.

Types of Attacker  Reconnaisance - is the unauthorized discovery and mapping of systems, services, or vulnerabilities.

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Access - System access is the ability for an intruder to gain access to a device for which the intruder does not have an account or a password.

Denial of service (DoS) - is when an attacker disables or corrupts networks, systems, or services with the intent to deny services to intended users.

Worm,Viruses,and Trojan Horses - Malicious software can be inserted onto a host to damage or corrupt a system, replicate itself, or deny access to networks, systems, or services.

What is Security Policy? Function of Security Policy

Applying Cisco IOS Security Features to Routers

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Password Recovery

STEP 1 Use the power switch in order to turn off the router, and then turn the router back on. STEP 2 Press Break on the terminal keyboard within 60 seconds of power up in order to put the router into ROMmon. STEP 3 Type confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1> prompt in order to boot from Flash. This step bypasses the startup configuration where the passwords are stored. rommon 1> confreg 0x2142 rommon 2> reset STEP 4 Type configure memory or copy startup-config running-config in order to copy the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) into memory Router(config)#copy startup-config running-config STEP 5 Type enable secret <password> in order to change the enable secret password. For example: Router(config)#enable secret cisco
Computer Issues and Seminar Page 4

STEP 6 Type config-register <configuration_register_setting>. Where

configuration_register_setting is either the value you recorded in step 2 or 0x2102 . For example: Router(config)#config-register 0x2102 STEP 7 Press Ctrl-z or end in order to leave the configuration mode and type write memory or copy running-config startup-config in order to commit the changes. Router(config)#end Router#write memory.

Access Control List Access Control Lists filter network traffic by controlling whether router packets are forwarded or blocked at the router‘s interfaces. Types of ACL  Standard  Extended  Named Methods to lessen security threats consist of:     Device hardening Use of antivirus software Firewalls Download security updates

Basic router security involves the following:  Physical security
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Computer Issues and Seminar

  

Password configuration Logging router activity Backups

Disable unused router interfaces & services to minimize their exploitation by intruders

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Mr. Joselito “Jet” Legaspi Professional 3D / CG (computer graphic) artist Topic: 3D Animation

What is Autodesk maya? Autodesk Maya /ˈmɑːjə/, commonly shortened to Maya, is a 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation (formerly Alias|Wavefront) and currently owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc. It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, TV series, or visual effects. The product is named after theSanskrit word Maya (माया māyā), the Hindu concept of illusion. Computer Animation Is the process used for generating animated images by using Computer Graphics. The more general term is Computer Generated Imagery(CGI). Object animation. Clay animation/Claymation Pixilation Had-drawn/Traditional Flash Animation

3D/Three Dimensional Animation Modern Type of Animation, are digitally modeled and manipulated by an animator.

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Difference between 2D/3D animation. 2D animation techniques tend to focus on image manipulation while 3D techniques usually build virtual worlds in which characters and objects move and interact. 3D animation can create images that seem real to the viewer. 3D Production Pipeline Pre-production        Story/Concept Art Direction (Look, Execution etc.) Storyboarding Character Design Sound/Voice Over Animatic (Initial Animation) Layout


Production Stage        Modeling Structure Rigging Character Animation Lighting Rendering Dynamics


Post –production Stage    Compositing Editing Colour Correction

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT Resource Speaker Topic: Android

What is Android? Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes operating system, middleware and key application. What are the features of Android?           Application framework Dalvik virtual machine Integrated browser Optimized graphics SQLite Media support GSM Telephony Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and WiFi Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer Rich development environment

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Android Architecture

Working with Android Development Tools (ADT) The Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse adds powerful extensions to the Eclipse integrated development environment.     It gives you access to other Android development tools from inside the Eclipse IDE. It provides a New Project Wizard It automates and simplifies the process of building your Android application. It provides an Android code editor that helps you write valid XML for your Android manifest and resource files. It will even export your project into a signed APK, which can be distributed to users.

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Installing ADT To install in Eclipse 4.4 (Kepler) 1. Start Eclipse, then select Help> Install New Software 2. In the Available Software dialog, click Add.... 3. In the Add Site dialog that appears, enter a name for the remote site (for example, "Android Plugin") in the "Name" field. 4 .Enter location 5. Back in the Available Software view, you should now see "Developer Tools" added to the list. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools, which will automatically select the nested tools Android DDMS and Android Development Tools. Click Next. 6. In the resulting Install Details dialog, the Android DDMS and Android Development Tools features are listed. Click Nextto read and accept the license agreement and install any dependencies, then click Finish. 7. Restart Eclipse. Application Fundamentals      Applications are written using Java The Android Asset Packaging Tool generates apk (Android Package) files containing the code and any data and resources needed Each application runs in its own Linux process Each application has its own VM Each application has its own user id, permissions are set accordingly

Application Components A central feature of Android is that one application can make use of elements of other applications (provided those applications permit it) Android applications don't have a single entry point for everything in the application (no main() function, for example)

Computer Issues and Seminar

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They have essential components that the system can instantiate and run as needed Activities - An activity presents a visual user interface for one focused endeavor the user can undertake. Services - A service doesn't have a visual user interface, but rather runs in the background for an indefinite period of time. Broadcast Receivers - A broadcast receiver is a component that does nothing but receive and react to broadcast announcements Content Providers - A content provider makes a specific set of the application's data available to other applications. The data can be stored in the file system, in an SQLite database, or in any other manner that makes sense. Intent - An intent is an Intent object that holds the content of the message.

Computer Issues and Seminar

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Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT Resource Speaker Topic: HTML 5

What is HTML5? There‘s a lot of information on the web. Most of that information is text/html. Most (>95%) of that HTML is syntactically invalid. HTML5 is a new version of HTML. Initial work by the WHATWG (web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (2004). People involved are Apple, Mozilla, Opera, Google are the major contributors. Work-in-progress recently adopted by the W3C (2007). HTML is important and isn‘t going away any time soon. We should evolve HTML rather than ditch it. But the vast legacy creates problems. HTML 4 – 1997 – Underspecified – Inconsistent – Does not match reality – Missing features needed to compete with propriety technologies (Flash, Silverlight, etc.) XHTML 2 – Requires XML – Not backward compatible (cannot be implemented in current browsers)

Computer Issues and Seminar

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WHY HAS HTML5 BEEN DEVELOPED    To address issues inherent to HTML/XHTML allowing web to move forward. Attempts to provide the tools to support the new levels of interaction users demand To address the different places on the web

The story… 2009-07-02 On this day, the Director announces that when the XHTML 2 Working Group charter expires as scheduled at the end of 2009, the charter will not be renewed. By doing so, and by increasing resources in the HTML Working Group, W3C hopes to accelerate the progress of HTML 5 and clarify W3C's position regarding the future of HTML. A FAQ answers questions about the future of deliverables of the XHTML 2 Working Group, and the status of various discussions related to HTML. HTML5 and CSS3 What are the features of HTML5?       Revised and improved semantics including section tags, audio, video tags and API to direct HTML embedding canvas element for scriptable graphics rendering on the fly Native drag and drop API Local storage support to make applications even more desktop-like Cross-document messaging Geo Location API: especially important for mobile applications

What are the features of CSS3?     Extended set of selectors such as :first-of-type or :last-of-type Enhanced support for background and border Flexible Box Layout Multi-Columns and Templates native support
Page 14

Computer Issues and Seminar

  

2D and 3D Transformations Transitions and Animations Media Queries

Why do we need HTML5? ―HTML 5 will enable better cross-browser compatibility and better support for ‗Web 2.0-style‗ Web applications in addition to documents.‖ -Brendan Eich, CTO, Mozilla. HTML5 will have an application cache that is capable of storing all resources in your Web app so that the browser can load them and use them even when you‘re

offline. HTML5 enables mobile and desktop Web site designers to deliver the advantages of client-side and server-side development to their users simultaneously. API development and workability in the browsers will take a leap forward. Problems      Not backwards-compatible? extensible? - questionable <P> = <p> ...and... <div class=‖foo‖> = <DIV class=foo> meaning not that strict removal of certain tags—like <acronym> removal of access keys? This could set back the usability/accessibility of markup (or, there could be good reasons for doing this) What does HTML5 mean to Web designers?     new tags for semantic layout improved micro-formatting new tags for incorporating rich media new tags for APIs, applications

Computer Issues and Seminar

Page 15

What about browser support?        Opera 9.x (supposedly) offers best support Safari 3.x - sketchy (best support in my experience) Firefox 3.x - sketchy Chrome? - sketchy IE8 - veeerrrry sketchy IE7 - nope IE6? (LOL!)

WHICH IS BETTER FOR DESIGNER – HTML5 OR FLASH?    Interactivity Client-side data rich application Games

Computer Issues and Seminar

Page 16


3rd Information Technology Innovation Congress Tickets

Computer Issues and Seminar

With the speaker, Prof. Erwin Globio

Page 17

Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth, Cinema 5

Computer Issues and Seminar

Page 18

Group Picture with Mr. Jet Legaspi

Group Picture with Mr. Jet Legaspi
Computer Issues and Seminar Page 19

Certificate of Appreciation for DHVTSU

Computer Issues and Seminar

Page 20

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