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Computer Lab PlanAssignment One |
Hersh Gulati | 5/27/13
| Project Management |

Computer Lab PlanAssignment One |
Hersh Gulati | 5/27/13
| Project Management |

Executive Summary
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is ranked in the top 500 universities of the world. The university has experienced a significant increase in the number of students enrolling in its Business and Law faculty over the years. Its Business and Management Studies was ranked as one of the top 200 in the world.
As a result, there has been an increasing requirement for using computer systems in all its faculties, including the non-technological subject areas. Due to the growth envisioned over the next five years, AUT has decided that it requires two new computer labs to accommodate its Business and Law faculty students.To meet this requirement, level 7 of WF building will be refurbished to accommodate the new computer labs, instead of the exisiting seven classrooms.
The renovation will be carried out as a 6 months long project commencing on 30th June 2015. Taking the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period into account, the project will be completed by 22nd December 2015, before the beginning of Term 1, 2016. The calculated budget for the project is $1.294 million, which includes 10% of contingency amount. The key deliverables for the project are:
* Lab designs and architectural layouts for the computer labs
* Two new computer labs
The major tasks that will be involved in the project are:
* Refurbishment of existing classrooms
* Acquiring furniture and equipment
* Placement of furniture and hardware installation
* Commissioning
* Go Live
The outcome of this project will be that WF building will have a floor dedicated for computer labs, which will be beneficial for the Business and Lay faculty students. From AUT University’s…...

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