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• What are the three dimensions of business problems? Provide examples of each.

The three dimensions of information systems are as follows: 1.) Organizations: Organizational issues diminishing business has to do with system programs that is outdated. Other conflicts and difficulties consist within the business through the environment and political aspects of the business; that may be inadequate do to the amount of resources provided. Some of these processes of business consist of ordering new product, preforming and fulfilling the service by meeting the requirements of the order and hiring new workers for the business process. Every organization has some unique set of assumptions and values while preforming procedures like tracking systems or creating new interest point of views. 2.) Technology: Managers have to be able to use an assortment of tools that are useful in finding solutions while running a business. Some of these tools consist of the usage of computer hardware. Computer hardware consists of all shapes and sizes, a variety of information inputs and outputs. Computer software all preprogramed in detail with that coordinate all the hardware controls throughout the information system. Then you have data management technology that helps with the organization of physical media storage. 3.) People: Every type of business may only work as good as the employee’s that run it. What this means; is that the business runs only accordingly to how well skilled the employees have been trained to use these information systems and the information achieves. This will also be affected by how well the employees work according to their attitude state may be. Depending on the employees skill level will make a difference in management. This has to do with how well the employee manages to achieve success through how well coordinate and resourceful...

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