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Computer Science Careers

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Information Science Careers
Brian Maltass
University of South Florida

They say that we are living in information age, this however is a clear scandal that neither definition nor theory, of information both precise and broad enough to qualify such assertion sensible. Niels Ole Fiennemann in the year 2001 came up with Media’s general history. He said that no Society could exist where exchange and production of information is of little significance. Therefore one cannot compare information societies and industrial societies in any steady way. Information societies could be industrial societies and industrial societies could as well mean information societies. The following is a media matrix he suggested. literature cultures: writing(number systems and primary alphabets),secondly print cultures: print + speech + written texts, Second order alphabetical cultures: written texts + speech + analogue electrical media + digital media and speech based oral cultures .This paper seeks to visit the origin of the Information Technology and the developments it has undergone to become what it is today. In history of development of information technology, the paper looks into challenges that were encountered during the advancement stages.

In today’s era, the crucial influence with regard to the concept of information is borrowed from information theory that was developed by Shannon alongside others. In reality there are two metaphors being used and which are contradictory: the popular information as quantity, e.g. water flowing though pipe, is working, but then it’s called metaphor of information as choice, done by information provider and forced choice done by: information receiver. In actual sense second metaphor means that the information sent is not proportional to the information...

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