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My purpose of applying to Masters in Computer Science at Arizona State University is to gain skills and knowledge to accelerate the innovative research and development happening in the field of computer science. Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamed of advancements in science and technology that would make humans a truly multi-planetary species in the near future. I have been keenly following the novel developments in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and strongly believe that AI will be at the helm of future outer space or deep sea explorations. This passion and curiosity is what led me onto the path I am on now and the research conducted at ASU in X, Y labs has inspired me only further.

The motivation to accomplish my dream provided me with the zeal to excel right from my schooldays. I consistently topped my class and particularly enjoyed learning physics, computer science and mathematics. Being more inclined to learn by application, I decided to pursue engineering rather than pure science after high school, and Engineering Physics and Computer Science were my top preferences. I had my eyes set on the
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My passion for mathematics, and the wide array of courses in my undergraduate curriculum made the process easier. Machine learning piqued my interest and I decided to explore the field by securing an internship at Boston Analytics, where I worked on applying clustering algorithms to analyze market size and segmentation for an MNO developing software products. I also identified key industry trends and potential growth opportunities for the client in both nonprofit and for-profit sector. The internship reinforced my confidence in learning computer science and switching to the field. Furthermore, I also learnt web development while setting up the website of Wings of Desire, an NGO I established with a few

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