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Homework #1 for CSC 100 Name: ____________________________________
Computer Science, An Overview
Chapter 00 Introduction

Read the introduction to the text. The answers to the following questions will appear in order as you read.

What is computer science?

The Role of Algorithms
What is an algorithm?

What are some examples of algorithms?

What is a program?

What is programming?

What is software?

What is hardware?

Where did the study of algorithms come from?

Once you discover an algorithm, do others need to understand it?

When does the solution of a problem lie beyond the capabilities of machines?

The History of Computing
What are some of the ancestors of the Computer?

Eventually, people began using gears for computing. Who are some of the people involved?

Which of the men above produced something that was programmable?

What were (and are) some uses of holes punched in cards?

What kinds of devices replaced gears?

What were some early computers?

According to the text, what were the first commercially viable computers, and who built them?

What happened in 1981?

Who wrote the underlying software for the PC?

What important development in computers happened as the Twentieth century was closing?

What were two big developments for the Internet? (hint, look for the next two bolded phrases)

As computers get smaller and smaller, what are some of the ways they're used?

What does the text say is the "most potentially revolutionary application of computer miniaturization?" and what makes it important?

Who was Augusta Ada Byron? (p 8 - Green Box - Summarize into one or two sentences)

The Science of Algorithms
The text says that early in the history of computers, something made the storage of complex algorithms difficult. What was it?

The text now suggests a different definition of Computer science - what is it?

The text suggests that the definition of Computer science may vary from person to person. Why?

The text suggests 8 questions about algorithms. Think about them for a bit and be ready to discuss a few ideas in class.

What is Abstraction (as defined in the textbook)?

What does abstraction allow us to do? What is an example?

What is the benefit of applying abstraction?

What are internal components of a system called?

Social Repercussions
What are the social repercussions of computers for law? Government?

Read through the different kinds of ethical systems. Which one does the text say is most likely to be used in the professional world?

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