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Organization Behavior and Leadership MBA course

Arbër Osmani, Demirel Bojaxhiu, Juela Koçia, Lorisa Dimo

Abstract 3
Acknowledgements 3
Introduction 3
Report body 4
Literature review 4
Sources of Information used in order to collect information: 4
Limitations 5
Gender differences in Albanian Environment 5
Unemployment rate divided by gender 5
Trends in education by gender 6
Active enterprises by gender of owner / administrator in 2005-2012 7
Participation of women in politics 1990-2010 9
Glass-ceiling effect theory 10
How to break Glass- Ceiling Effect 12
Telecommunication Companies in Albania 13
Private investments in the Telecommunication area in Albania 13
Background of Telecommunication Companies in Albania. 14
AMC 14
Statistics 17
Research Methodolody 18
Data analysis 19
Leadership by gender in Telecommunication Industry. 19
Conclusions 23
Recommendations 24
Recommendations for corporate level decision-makers 26
References 28
Appendixes 29
Online Questionnaire: 29

The purpose of this research paper is to study the gender differences in telecommunication industry in Albania. The companies involved in this research are: Albtelecom and EagleMobile, Vodafone, Amc and Plus. The method used in order to generate data for analysis, is made by using an online survey that was given to totally 120 employees from all four companies. Secondary data was collected by human recourses departments and materials founded on official internet websites. Conclusions that we had from the information gathered is that the gap of gender differences in the telecommunication area is tending to be lower recently compared to previous years.
We want to be thankful to all employees of each company that contributed in our online survey and...

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