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Woodley Antoine
Unit 1. Problem Set 1. Unit 1 Problems

Assignment Requirements
Complete the following:
* Lesson 1 - Fill in the Blank questions 1-10 on p. 25 of the course text. (MOAC 70-680)
* Lesson 2 – Fill in the Blank questions 1-10 on p.61 of the course text. (MOAC 70-680)

Submission Requirements
Microsoft Word 1-2 pages.
1. The general public in the United States will be able to purchase all of the windows 7 editions in retail stores except windows 7-OEM only, windows 7 home basic- Emerging markets only, windows Enterprise volume only.
2. The core module that provides all of the windows 7capability that isn’t language or edition specific is called MinWin.
3. When you copy a file to a library, windows Explorer writes the files for the folder designated as the save location.
4. To use federate search, you must download or create XML files for specific sites called search connectors.
5. The only operating edition that you can upgrade in-place to windows 7 professional is windows vista business.
6. Upgrading a computer running windows 7 starter to windows 7 ultimate using windows anytime upgrade require o megabytes of additional hard disk space.
7. To migrate a computer running windows XP to windows 7, you can use a utility called User State Migration Tool.
8. The new windows 7 feature that renders all of the windows on the desktop transparent when you mouse over the right end of the taskbar is called Aero Peak.
9. The windows 7 starter edition is only available in 32-bit version.
10. The maximum amount of system memory supported by windows 7 Enterprise is Maximum RAM (32-bit)- 4 GB
Page 61
1. Windows Easy transfer supports two types of migrations, called Side by Side, and Wipe and Load.
2. When a serious problem occurs windows 7, you might be able to repair it by starting the windows PE…...