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Final Project: Expository Essay
Samantha A. Medina
University of Phoenix

Final Project: Expository Essay
Computer technology has developed tremendously over the decades and centuries to become so modern in every aspect including education and personal leisure. It is breath taking to see how modernized out computer technology is today as opposed to the limited computer technology that was available in history. The changes that have occurred over history to today will be discussed and focused upon in this essay.
The Mechanical Era: Early Computing Devices
The Abacus
The abacus was the first machine to be used computational science. It is considered to be the first computer. This machine was inspired by one of Charles Babbage’s designs. The abacus could process 15 digit numbers and calculate fourth-order differences. In 1885 the machine won gold medal at an exhibition in Paris and also helped calculate the orbit of mars! The abacus is still in use today. Imagine that a computing device from centuries ago still being used to this day!
Charles Babbage
Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer ("Charles Babbage", 2012). Babbage is known to have invented the first programmable computer. As stated earlier his design inspired the abacus and other complex designs. He won the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society for inventing an engine for calculating mathematical and astronomical tables. Babbage was also Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.
The Mechanical Era: The First Information Explosion
The Arithmometer
The arithmometer was invented in 1820 by Thomas de Colmar and could perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication ("Discovering the Arithmometer", 2005). It was a very successful machine and there are still some models today however mostly in museums. This machine received…...