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Computerized Guidance Recording System


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Rectors, as Heads of School, are expected to exemplify good leadership and management techniques, very often, in conditions of uncertainty. The social system of the school comprising staff, students as well as the Community of parents at large, looks up to the Rector for leadership and an inclusive atmosphere. While the School Development Plan is available in all institutions as an indication of the direction to follow, the Rector needs support and resources to make critical decisions on a day-to-day basis. These decisions may well relate to pedagogical matters as much as to disciplinary cases. Nevertheless, it is also vital to understand that a Head of School cannot do it alone. He/ She will have to resort to some delegation of responsibility and especially know when and how to do it This need for support to the on-site Rectors prompted me to see to it that my Ministry comes up with a reference document covering broad areas of responsibility of Heads of State Secondary Schools while keeping a balance between activities intended to maintain the stability of the school as a viable essential educational organisation and the area in which Rectors may encourage meaningful

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