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Computers and Recreation Management

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With all the technology we have today computers are vastly changing the way we do things and how jobs are run. Computers up grade things that at times make things more efficiently ran, and at times cut down on the time it takes to do a project. It changes the way we do things and makes things easier to understand with some work fields that people are in today. With some fields of work computers would not really help out that much but in my field it helps out a lot. Just from the tools that we use it is mostly a computer base thing.

My major is Recreation Management. So it is basically and outdoor type of major that deals with things like forest, agriculture, animals, and the land in general. So from the classes I have this year I am learning that computers are vastly becoming a part of my major. We use things like Geo II Explorer, and the Garmin E-Trex. Those to are computer-based object that you need to up load and transfer your data to and from the computer. The Geo II Explorer with creates maps and plots the points of where you have been and how to get to one point to another. It is all ran off satellite information that you get signaled back to your receiver. Then the Garmin E-Trex with give you directions to and from places let you plot points of where you have been and store them right on it in a little hard drive that is installed in it. These two tools are what are mostly used for the field that I am going into. I will be outside most of the time for mine so I defiantly need to know how to use these and the computer software that goes with it. There are a lot of things on a computer that you have to go through to print out the maps and see other information that you have collected in the field so a computer has changed this greatly.

The Geo II Explorer can map a perimeter around a forest that maybe people are trying to sell by the acre and I can…...

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