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Computers Andthe Criminal Justcie Syatem

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Barry Denton

Crime Prevention

-JULIUS C. OWENS 4-16-2012

Computers and the Criminal Justice system is becoming so large that its requiring officers to go back to school and get degrees to operate these systems. Its many programs that’s out there that’s the officers are using and getting familiar with. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to discuss some of the programs in the following sentences.

The following programs is the reason why computers are helping police officer to do there job so well. Have you ever been stopped for a ticket and the cop get all of you info for that blue screen in the car, well that’s a computer that they used to run your license tags when back in the day they were calling it in and waiting on dispatch to run your info.
Here is a list of other programs that the cops use with the computers:
CAPRI - Computer-Aided Police Records Index - manages criminal history information at a local and regional level. Queries can be initiated on-site, from remote terminals, and from in-vehicle mobile data terminals. Data includes criminal histories, incident report references, name indexes, fingerprint classifications, personal identification numbers, subject demographic information and violence potential. CAPRI is the forerunner of PACE, described below. PACE - Police Automated Computer Entry - evolved from the recognition that a growing burden of paperwork was threatening the efficiency and effectiveness of the Phoenix Police Department. PACE will automate the access and update of offense reports, supplements, arrest records, juvenile referrals, and field interrogation...

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