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Computers vs Calculators

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Computers and calculators are similar in the sense that both are calculating devices. But what is the difference between a computer and a calculator? Before the advent of computers, calculators were the tools that were made use of by the students to do computation while solving math problems. Not that they are not used these days, in fact, by the time you would switch on your computer, you would have completed the operation on the hand held device known as calculator.

Modern calculators are electronically powered either by dry cell batteries or solar cells. During nineties, there was a calculator in every student’s pocket to aid and assist him in carrying out calculations involved in math problems. With modern computers having a built in calculator to carry on basic math operations, calculators have all but gone from households today.

We know that a calculator can work only with numbers. But so can a computer. Modern calculators are extremely fast in carrying out complex calculations. But so are computers. Then what is the difference between the two?

Simply put, calculators can carry only one function at a time. Even when you need to solve a small problem, you need to press a number of buttons to arrive at the solution. On the contrary, a computer is capable of carrying out many operations at the same instant. Computer programs are series of instructions that are given to computers and it can perform complex calculations without assistance with them. So if the necessary program is installed on the computer, you do not need to tell the computer what to do next as it can perform all the steps required in getting to the answer. It will come with the answer at a lightening fast speed without you having to press any buttons, or mouse clicks in this instance. On the other hand, you need to keep on pushing buttons to solve even easy math problems when using a calculator.

The word computer has become very broad in modern times and has come to include smart devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, desktops, laptops. These devices all have a basic calculator that can perform simple math operations, but they are capable of many more operations which are beyond the capacity of a calculator.

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