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Computing Trends - Research Skills

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Research Skills

Table of Contents

1. Research Proposal 3 1.1. Rationale and Context 3 1.2. Aims 4 1.3. Research Question 5 1.4. Proposed Research Method 5 1.5. Ethical and Access Issues 6 1.6. Potential Value of Research 7 2. Initial Literature Review 8 References 14

Research Skills 1. Research Proposal 2.1. Rationale and Context
Cambridge City Government is an institution that is currently facing problems with the management of its information transfer over the internet. This is seen in the need to align data, particularly revenue streams, incomes and expenditures. In fact, the situation is worsened by an increasing city population, as well as amenities complexities that are placing a strain on the available internet facilities that serve the institution. As such, the proposed research study intends to analyse the role that cloud computing could play in solving the information transfer problems that face the government. The research results will act as the blueprint for the city administrators to develop and implement networking management approaches that will address its needs. I assume that if cloud computing is determined to be advantageous for the government, then its implementation will make it easier for the institution to meet its information management needs. This proposal describes the approach to research that will be adopted for the proposed study.
Kenrick et al. (2010, pp. 293-294) argue that the cognitively driven constructs and context of any research would aid it in accepting the intellectual journey applied in the identification of the research problem. In this respect, it is better to understand the context of the research and the cognitively driven constructs that make up the search for a research topic. Applying this approach is expected to aid with the framework of the study being undertaken. This...

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