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1. What are conversation dilemmas? How can we extricate ourselves from such dilemmas? Situations where we feel we can’t say anything right.

2. What is active listening? Involves verbal and nonverbal responses to let others know we are paying attention.

3. What are face threatening acts, and how do they relate to confirming responses? Face threating acts are messages perceived challenging someone’s face needs. Conforming responses are verbal and nonverbal behaviors that validate others and can diffuse a face threating situation.

4. What are boundaries, and how do they relate to communication? What are boundary violations? Boundaries are limits that define us as being separate from others. Boundary violations occur when others cross our emotional, relational, sexual, and spiritual limits.

5. What is the cooperative principle? Describe the four maxims associated with the principle and how they relate to conversation. C.P. suggests conversation partners use their talk to facilitate understanding. Quality maxim states provide info that is truthful. Quantity maxim states we should provide enough info to keep a conversation going. Relevancy maxim states we should provide info that pertains to the topic under discussion. Manner maxim states we should be organized and specific when we speak.

6. What are three types of disconfirming communication, and how can we respond with specific types of assertive metacommunication? Three types of disconfirming communication are: ignoring someone, not acknowledging others’ feelings, and not accepting others’ opinions and emotions. Stating that you refuse to talk to someone that is using this type of communication would be a way to respond with assertive metacommunication.

7. How can noise and selective listening interfere with how we receive messages?

8. What is covert verbal abuse, and how can we…...