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Concept Map and Reflection Approaching my concept map for a second time was more challenging than I thought. I thought having deeper understanding of inquiry pedagogy would make the process easier but in reality, once I began to add concepts demonstrating how they are interconnected in a readable way proved difficult. I have learned throughout this year that inquiry pedagogy is complex which makes it feel overwhelming to implement. However, placing my growing understanding and knowledge of inquiry pedagogy into a concept map has helped to consolidate and make meaning of what I have learned.
Shared Responsibility In my first concept map I highlight the fact that teachers and students work in partnership, however I realize
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Learning for All (2013) highlights that the "inquiry process involves open-ended learning experiences that are inclusive of all students and offer students real choices and opportunities to develop their own voice" (p.21). I hope that in my future practice I am able to use inquiry-based learning to help students develop their own voice for their own pursuit of learning concepts, build skills, and grow as a person. Throughout this year I have developed the belief that when inquiry pedagogy is student centered, focused on big ideas relevant to students, and done through learning experiences that bring meaning and authenticity, students can develop a passion for learning through an intrinsic drive (Y. Cleovoulou, personal communication, Sept 2017 - February …show more content…
Including my understanding of the partnership between teachers and students, the importance of using big ideas to bring meaning to learning and developing student's passion for learning. In addition, part of my growth has been the understanding that inquiry is a challenging process that involves many different aspects. Therefore, although I feel like I have a better grasp on my own understanding of inquiry pedagogy I know it will make time, practice, and additional learning before I will feel successful with

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