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Concerted Activity

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Concerted Activity
Facts about the Construction contractors in Lakewood, Washington: Five construction workers were fired (three of them) for making a video on YouTube complaining of their hazardous working conditions. The soil was contaminated with arsenic and other toxins. The construction workers were forced to wear badges stating they had been fully trained to handle hazardous materials.
The NLRB received a complaint about the hazardous working conditions, and opened a hearing. The workers received full back pay from the date of being fired, and declining statement. The video was protected, because the employees voiced concerns about safety in the workplace. The public airing did not lose the Act’s protection.
Decision of the NLRB
Yes, I do agree with the NLRB. The workers condition violated them as contractors. The contractors were working with contaminated soil, and not fully trained on how to handle hazardous material. The contractors wanted someone to be aware of the treatment they were receiving. A cry for help.
Decision in the case
This could lead to making sure the company has a reputable person or outsource to come in and do proper training. The company needs to make sure each individual is properly trained per job duties.
Testing the individuals to make sure he or she understands materials being presented for them to do. After passing test, receive a certificate for completion.
Communicate to employees and/or supervisors
Before contractors can work with hazardous material, he or she needs to present their certificate of completion to the supervisor and human resources to be placed on file. If an employee feels he or she is a victim in any way, call the worker hotline anonymous and complain about the OSHA guidelines not being followed. You can also call OSHA.
Social media is a good policy for communication to be heard. You can also go to the union if the company has one or stakeholders of the company. Things I would include in my policy: Corrective action – RCRA compels those responsible for releasing hazardous pollutants into the soil, water, or air to clean. Test methods – quality and assurance in place to support RCRA. Types of hazardous waste – listed, unlisted, characteristic, and mixed waste. Procedures to determine how waste is classified, listed, and delisted.

Dessler, Gary. (2013). Human Resource Management. (13th Edition)

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