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Concurrent Disorders

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Concurrent Disorders:

The Role of Case Management

Introduction to Concurrent Disorders
The combination of a substance use or gambling disorder paired with a mental health disorder is known as a Concurrent Disorder, and is sometimes referred to as “dual diagnosis”. There is no specific reason why people develop Concurrent Disorders. Substance use might cause negative changes to occur in one’s life, thus leading to a mental health disorder. Also, some people with mental health disorders use substances to self medication to cope with the symptoms of their mental disorder. Other reasons might include a traumatic event in one’s life or biological reasons. The prevalence of Concurrent Disorders has been on the rise over the past two decades, and the need to coordinate services for treatment of these disorders is of high priority. It is said that around half the people with an Addiction or Mental Illness will also have the other. In the past, the treatment approach was to address each disorder on an individual basis, which led to an absence of coordinated care. Integrated services have proven to be more successful in treating this population. People who plan and manage substance abuse and mental health programs in Ontario have been working to improve how they provide services to persons with Concurrent Disorders since the release of the “Canadian Best Practices” document. Substance use can worsen or even induce psychiatric symptoms, making this disorder very complex and difficult to treat. Its many combinations and levels of severity can also make treatment a challenge; therefore treatment options should be flexible to match changing needs. Case Management assists persons with Concurrent Disorders in navigating their environment and works around the client’s needs and meets each person where they are at. “Researchers have identified Case Management as one...

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