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Concussions in Sports

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Concussions In Sports
Robert Hayes
DeVry University

CONCUSSIONS IN SPORTS 2 In todays society the sporting world plays some kind of role in all of our lives whether we realize it or not. Some of us may say that “I never watch sports” or “I’m not really a fan of sports,” could be true. One thing I can guarantee is that you have a family member, neighbor, friend, or co-worker that has some kind of affiliation with sports, it could be the clothing that we wear or that some else is wearing, maybe the accessories you see people wearing when you go out, or just could be a commercial you have seen on television. Wherever you are in the United States I can guarantee that you have some kind of affiliation with some kind of sport. As of the year 2013 studies show that “sixty percent of our children between the ages of five years of age and eighteen years of age play some kind of sport outside of school activities”, and if you think about how much sixty percent of our child population in the United States is, that is a lot of kids. Now think about how many of those parents think about there children having the potential for a brain traumatic injury, I would guess that statistic is probably quite a bit lower than ten percent, no study to my knowledge has been done for this. So I am writing this paper to make parents aware of what is currently surrounding issues around brain traumatic injuries and I’ll let you be the judge of the outcome and research I have found. When we think about sports or sporting events, we tend to think about our favorite players, teams, teams we don’t like, competition and hard-hitting action.

Concussions In Sports 3
Do we ever step back and look at the bigger picture outside of what...

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