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As I attend English 104 this semester I plan on learning many new things. The main thing that I expect to learn and improve is how to research more efficiently. According to the course goals explained on the syllabus, I will also learn to create and complete research projects by generating a research question, engaging in critical reading, developing an argument with evidence collected from both primary and secondary research, and also how to site my sources. I believe that with better research techniques I will be able to communicate what I have learned into writing more easily as well as make my essays more knowledgeable. One of my challenges I will face in English 104 will be getting motivated to write the actual essays. I have never really liked writing that much and I think that if I am going to become a successful business major I will have to get better at translating my thoughts onto paper. Another challenge I may face this semester is procrastination. No matter what I am doing I always find a way to procrastinate, especially in college. My goal this semester is to be a better student and stay on top of my schoolwork. The way my schedule is set up right now I know I will have a lot of busy work and I will just have to dedicate myself to my studies. Overall I think that English 104 will be a great class and I am looking forward to this semester. One of the most recent incidents where I had to conduct research was just the other day. As a Christmas present I was supposed to pick a pair of shoes I liked and my Grandma was going to get them for me. When Christmas came around I could not find a pair I liked so I waited hoping something new would come out. Just last week I was sitting in my Maths 132 class and I noticed a brand of shoe I hadn’t even taken into consideration. When I got home from class I started surfing the Internet looking to see if I liked any of the shoes offered by the specific brand. After about an hour of comparing price, look, and quality, I chose a pair of shoes I liked and had her order them. I was basically the only one involved in this situation because I was the one that did all the research and came to a conclusion on what I wanted. I came to my conclusion by exploring all the possible shoes I might like. I went to several different sites and looked at many varieties of shoes before making my final decision. What also helped me make my decision was that the actual pair of shoes I wanted were sold out so this made me explore all my possibilities. I shared my final decision by going home last weekend and showing my Grandma the pair of shoes I wanted. My Grandma was the one that needed the information so that she knew the exact pair I wanted.

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