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Conflict In Education

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There are many problems and conflicts in education for Latino citizens. This is due to the fact that it is a national problem that needs to be localized. This conflict persists across all of the United States, and each school district needs to address the problem and specialize solutions that support and encourage their student populations. While each district has different conflicts and needs, there are a few that seem to encompass a large majority. Lack of parent involvement, negative attitudes or expectations, and lack of reading at a young age are three major problems that need to be addressed. However, in order for any solution or program to work effectively and continue long-term, a change in culture needs to occur. Latino parents and …show more content…
According to the University of Pennsylvania “there is a disconnect between school and home culture, and schools do not always seem to value the home culture” (Gibson, 2002). There are two types of negative attitudes: low expectations for Latino students, and negative perceptions of Latino parents. As exemplified in my review of literature, students and teachers often assume that Latino students do not need to go to college or even graduate high school. This needs to change. Latino students need to visualize themselves going to college and rising out of poverty. One of the most effective ways to combat this negative self perception is through parent encouragement and involvement. Once parents change their attitude of education and start to become more involved in their child’s schooling, the child will recognize the importance of education. The second negative attitude occurs when teachers or administrators have negative perceptions of Latino parents. Latino parents feel intimidated by teachers, especially if the teacher conducts himself or herself with a sense of condescension. Teachers and administrators usually find Latino families and students to be conflicts in education, “ ...unaware that their own lack of preparedness in working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations is itself a major obstacle and one that needs urgent and sustained attention” (Hamann 1997). The teacher often does not know how to interact with the Latino parent, and this may result in misunderstandings and the teacher coming off as arrogant or condescending. A few ways to help shift this attitude and combat this misunderstanding include having teachers attend seminars aimed at ways to better interact with Latino parents, engaging in small talk with Latino parents, and acknowledging

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