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Conflict Killed the Cat

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Conflict Killed the Cat
Hamlet is a man with problems. He is the Prince of a kingdom in turmoil and darkness. When I think of Hamlet, something that comes to mind is the DreamWorks film, Shrek. In the first Shrek movie, the titled character refers to him as being like an onion. Shrek explains that onions have layers and so does he. Shrek is more complex than one might think him to be. Hamlet is very similar in this way.
I chose to use this play because of how real Hamlet’s character is. Hamlet is faced with an impossible situation. The play opens with an apparition walking the night. The night watchmen see him and tell Hamlet’s friend Horatio. In the meantime, Hamlet is introduced along with his mother Queen Gertrude and his uncle King Claudius. The couple remarks to Hamlet about getting over his mourning period and cheering up. Claudius tells Hamlet to consider that all men have fathers that die. Eventually everyone’s father dies. Hamlet is sad and angry at the same time. I think that Hamlet is resentful towards his mother, Gertrude.
Hamlet feels that his mother has not mourned his father appropriately, that her mourning was too brief. He is also angry with her and his uncle for getting married. Hamlet feels that the marriage was too soon after the late King’s death. I think Hamlet is also bothered by the fact that Gertrude married her brother-in-law. Hamlet views it as being incestuous.
There are more layers added to Hamlet’s mind. The ghost of his father appears to him in the fifth scene of the first act. The ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered by his own brother. The ghost accuses King Claudius of pouring poison in his ear while he slept in the garden one afternoon. Hamlet is overwhelmed with this revelation. “O, my prophetic soul! My uncle!” (Shakespeare, 1600, p. 928). The ghost tells Hamlet that he must avenge his...

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