Conflict Management and Negotiation

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Managing Conflict In Organisation- An Overview
Volume 8 Issue 4 Fall 2010
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Authors: Muyiwa Adeyemi
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In any organization, effective administration of the resources available is very important and paramount to the attainment of its objectives. The human aspect of the resources is most important and crucial as it is the one responsible for the co-ordination of other factors and more importantly conflict situation among staff cannot be over-emphasized. It is known fact that no two workers are the same, even twins are only alike.
Nwakwo (1987), Craston (2002) and Onanuga and Arikewuyo (2005) describes administration as the careful and systematic arrangements and use of resources (human and material), situation and opportunities for the achievement of specific objectives of a given organization. To this end, it is worthy of note that effective organizational administration is necessary for managing conflict situation in any system, such should be embedded in the day-to-day running of the industry. Conforming to this viewpoint, Peretomode (2001) describes administration as the performance of executive duties, the carryout of policies or decisions to fulfill a purpose, and the controlling of the day-to-day running of an organization. To this extent, among the very important duties of an administrator, is the management of conflict among workers of different categories.
Conflict as a Concept
Researchers the world over have viewed the word conflict from different perspectives. However, they all see the concept as that behaviour by organization members which is expended in opposition to other members. The process is said to being when one party perceives the other has frustrated, or is about to frustrate, some…...