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Conflict Management in the Church

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This Integrative Paper is an attempt by the researcher to assess about the conflicts between the elders and the youth of the Church of Nazarene, Bhandup. This research surveys the Existing Conflict Management Models in the Church and its relevancy for the Conflicts of the Church of Nazarene, Bhandup This Integrative Paper examines the causes and the impact of the Conflicts on the spiritual, economical and relational side members involved in the conflicts. Finally, this Integrative Paper attempts to develop a new and relevant Conflict Management Model considering the causes and the impact of the Conflicts for the awesome ministry of the Church of Nazarene, Bhandup.
Statement of the Problem
Conflicts are the cause of difference in the personalities of the people. The thinking of people differs from each other. The church always faces the problem of Conflict Management because of the difference of opinions between the church elders and the youth. The Church of Nazarene Bhandup (West), Mumbai is also facing the problem today of conflict management for the youth and the elders of the church. There are certain reasons for the conflicts which are prevailing in the church from long time. These conflicts have resulted in the youth being irregular to the church. There are long term conflicts among the church elders and the youth of the church. The conflicts among the youth and the elders of the church have resulted in the decline of the interest of the youth in the church activities. There are attempts been made to resolve these conflicts but the attempts have failed to resolve these conflicts among the youth and the elders of the church and these conflicts are not been resolved even today.
This has resulted in the development of the Church in field of reaching the youth of the church. The ministry towards the youth is stunted. The failure of the previous…...

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