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Conflict Stress

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Protecting Workers’ Health Series No. 3

Authors: Stavroula Leka BA MSc PhD Professor Amanda Griffiths CPsychol AFBPsS FRSH Professor Tom Cox CBE

INSTITUTE OF WORK, HEALTH & ORGANISATIONS University of Nottingham Nottingham Science and Technology Park University Boulevard William Lee Buildings 8 Nottingham NG7 2RQ United Kingdom

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Leka, Stavroula. Work organisation and stress : systematic problem approaches for employers, managers and trade union representatives / Stavroula Leka, Amanda Griffiths, Tom Cox. (Protecting workers’ health series ; no. 3) 1. Stress, Psychological – prevention and control 2. Occupational Health 3.Occupational diseases – prevention and control 4. Risk assessment. 5.Work – psychology I.Griffiths, Amanda II.Cox, Tom III.Title IV.Series ISBN 92 4 159047 5 (NLM classification: WA 440)

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