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Conflict Styles

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Conflict Styles

Globalization, interdependency of markets, and integration has made a world of limitless boundaries causing cultural diversity. As the world is coming closer, the potential for conflict in our daily lives is increasing day by day. Many studies have been conducted to determine the level of influence cultural has on conflict management and resolution styles, some of these results suggests that behavioral aspects of individualism and collectivism affects a person’s strategy of conflict resolution, which made people respond to same situations differently (Kaushal & Kwantes, 2006). This paper aims to discuss the conflict styles and resolution behaviors and their relationship with culture and personality factors. Conflict although commonly associated with the emotional side of the human nature, is actually a depiction of the fact that there are different ways of reaction, understanding and dealing of a similar situation by different people. Man is a social animal and as long as he is compelled to live and work in a society filled with antagonism, aggression, frustration, stereotypes, and tensions, conflicts will always be there (Johari, Morni, Bohari & Sahari, 2013). Presence of a conflict actually highlights the fact that there are varying levels of responses to a certain stimulus and in as such the framework of behavior, gender, ethnicity etcetera are all coming into play to trigger differing reactions. That conflict is either a negative or a positive mechanism is basically a relative term as it depends entirely on the way the conflicting situation is handled by the concerned participants. Even as late as the early 90’s the presence of conflict had been associated with a negativity arising from the most common assumptions that it was abnormal and unnatural, against the norms of human sociability and arising from a failure in…...

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