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Conflict of Convictions

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“Conflict of Convictions”

E. Marshall
October 16, 2012
English Composition 1102

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Section 1: Introduction page 3
Section 2: Historical Context page 4
Section 3: Common Theme in other literature page 5
Section 4: Analysis page 7
Section 5: Conclusion page 9
Section 6: Works Cited page page 10

The literary piece “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, highlights the apprehensions of a colonial officer's obligation to shoot a rogue elephant. The author does not want to shoot the elephant, but feels pressured by a crowd of indigenous residents, before whom he does not wish to appear indecisive or cowardly. “Shooting an Elephant”, by George Orwell, utilizes characterization, point of view, and plot to illustrate the moral conflict between one’s beliefs and duties.
George Orwell worked as a sub-divisional police officer in Moulmein, Burma, back in the days of the British Empire. Burma was just one of many unsatisfied colonies. Orwell, and his famous social conscience, is a target for the hatred of the natives, who sneer at him and insult him, whenever they can. Although, in principle, he sides with the natives, his position and their anger weakens his compassion, to some degree.
One day, George Orwell is told that an elephant is destroying the bazaar and he is asked to take care of this potential threat. Although basically tame, an elephant may still rampage occasionally due to its natural rhythms. The elephant, regardless of its usual tameness, had already demolished a bamboo hut, killed a cow, attacked some fruit-stalls and consumed its inventory and overturned a municipal garbage van (Orwell 5).
George Orwell meets up with the Burmese sub-inspector and some Indian constables in the area where the elephant was last seen. They started to questioning the natives as...

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