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Congestive Heart Failure

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Beckerman, J. (Ed.). (2014, September 20). Heart disease and congestive heart failure. Retrieved from WebMD website:
This website does a great job of identifying the signs and symptoms of CHF. I think it also does a great job of informing the reader what tests will and should be done if your doctor feels you are at risk or my have the disease. It clearly states the different types of the disease as well as treatments for CHF. I think WebMD is a great source for information because, it breaks down the specific disease and explains it in everyday terms. I think that is important for people to really understand what they are dealing with. I think this Webpage would be extremely helpful to anyone just diagnosed or who has been living with the disease of CHF.
Huntington, M., Guzman, A., Roemen, A., Fieldsend, J., & Soloum, H. (2013). Hospital-to-Home: A hospital readmission reduction program for congestive heart failure.. South Dakota Medicine: The Journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association, 66(9), 370-373.
This article shows how important, cost wise most importantly, it is to make sure patients with CHF are not readmitted so soon after they are released from their previous hospital stay for the disease. It shows how important it is to stay informed and not to go back to your old habits after your release from a hospital stay. I think the fact that they used follow up home visits after a patients release was key in this study. The fact that they did this study over a year is a good indication that their results are factual. I think any less they would be obsolete. I think this particular article was very informative, not only because of the outcome of how after hospital release care is, but because of the cost of each CHF patient admitted into the hospital. I think in numbers alone this...

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...Carvedilol is indicated in the management of congestive heart failure (CHF), as an adjunct to conventional treatments (ACE inhibitors and diuretics). The use of carvedilol has been shown to provide additional morbidity and mortality benefits in severe CHF.[9] Carvedilol (Carvil) is available at the following doses 3.125 mg (smallest), followed by 6.25 mg,12.5 mg, and 25 mg white tablets. Coreg CR is available at the following doses: 10mg(white/green capsules), 20mg(white/yellow capsules), 40mg(yellow/green capsules), and 80mg(white capsules). [10] U.S. supply issues On January 10, 2006 carvedilol supply became limited in the United States, due to changes in documentation procedures at a plant. This was lifted on April 27, 2006 in a Dear Pharmacist letter.[11] Approval of controlled-release formulation On October 20, 2006, the FDA approved a controlled release formulation of carvedilol; it is marketed as Coreg CR. References Press Release, FDA Approves First Generic Versions of Coreg, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Sep. 5, 2007 Stafylas PC, Sarafidis PA (2008). "Carvedilol in hypertension treatment". Vasc Health Risk Manag 4 (1): 23–30. doi:10.2147/vhrm.2008.04.01.23. PMC 2464772. PMID 18629377. Othman AA, Tenero DM, Boyle DA, Eddington ND, Fossler MJ (2007). "Population pharmacokinetics of S(-)-carvedilol in healthy volunteers after administration of the immediate-release (IR) and the new controlled-release (CR) dosage forms of the racemate".......

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