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Connect the Dots

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- I could not find my suggested next steps because the program kept giving me an error screen. So I could not even begin to say what they should be or in what direction to look.
-I’m going to use the skills I mastered for the rest of the questions because those are the only ones I can view. The three skills I mastered were; sentence skills, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling, and the third was the craft of writing. These skills apply to my academic life because I have to apply all these skills in writing papers for classes. In order to write a quality paper, everything must be near perfect. I believe these skills give me a good base to work on a paper.
-These skills apply to my professional life in a lot of ways. Each quarter we are to write reports on what we feel we could improve on as a department, having quality writing skills so everything looks more professional and you are taken seriously. My future profession which is to be a high school teacher also requires these skills, if you expect your students to have good writing skills you should develop them yourself first.
-I was very surprised by the results. I say this because all throughout high school, English and writing was my weak spot. I always had trouble putting my thoughts onto paper and use proper grammar. My spelling was also terrible but after graduating high school I picked up reading and I believe that helped me greatly increase my...

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