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Male 50 ohm BNC connector |
Female BNC connector |
Cables with BNC connectors |
Adapter between a female BNC connector and banana plugs |
Pulse generators with BNC connectors and cables. |
[edit] Keying

XLR connector, showing the notch for alignment.

4-pin Mini-DIN S-Video cable: the notches are the keying showing the keying.

A male plug made by

Audio and video connector

RCA connectors are commonly used for home stereo and video equipment.
Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying an audio signal orvideo signal, either in an analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit RF interference and noise.
| analogue audio, left channel;
also mono (RCA/TS), stereo (TRS only),
or undefined/other |
black RCA/TS/TRS | |
grey RCA/TS/TRS | |
red RCA/TS | analogue audio, right channel |
orange RCA | SPDIF digital audio |
For computers:
green TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, front channels |
black TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, rear channels |
grey TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, side channels |
gold TRS 3.5mm | dual output, center and subwoofer |
blue TRS 3.5mm | stereo input, line level |
pink TS 3.5mm | mono microphone input |
[edit] Colour codes
yellow RCA/BNC | composite video |
red RCA/BNC | red or Pr/Cr chrominance |
green RCA/BNC | green or luminance |
blue RCA/BNC | blue or Pb/Cb chrominance |
white BNC | horizontal sync |
black BNC | vertical sync |
Newer connectors are identified by their shape and not their colour.

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4-conductor hermaphrodite connector for token-ring attachment.

Detail of mating surfaces of hermaphrodite connector.

Transistor switch module with large screw connectors and small fast-on connectors.…...