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Male 50 ohm BNC connector |
Female BNC connector |
Cables with BNC connectors |
Adapter between a female BNC connector and banana plugs |
Pulse generators with BNC connectors and cables. |
[edit] Keying

XLR connector, showing the notch for alignment.

4-pin Mini-DIN S-Video cable: the notches are the keying showing the keying.

A male plug made by

Audio and video connector

RCA connectors are commonly used for home stereo and video equipment.
Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying an audio signal orvideo signal, either in an analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit RF interference and noise.
| analogue audio, left channel;
also mono (RCA/TS), stereo (TRS only),
or undefined/other |
black RCA/TS/TRS | |
grey RCA/TS/TRS | |
red RCA/TS | analogue audio, right channel |
orange RCA | SPDIF digital audio |
For computers:
green TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, front channels |
black TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, rear channels |
grey TRS 3.5mm | stereo output, side channels |
gold TRS 3.5mm | dual output, center and subwoofer |
blue TRS 3.5mm | stereo input, line level |
pink TS 3.5mm | mono microphone input |
[edit] Colour codes
yellow RCA/BNC | composite video |
red RCA/BNC | red or Pr/Cr chrominance |
green RCA/BNC | green or luminance |
blue RCA/BNC | blue or Pb/Cb chrominance |
white BNC | horizontal sync |
black BNC | vertical sync |
Newer connectors are identified by their shape and not their colour.

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4-conductor hermaphrodite connector for token-ring attachment.

Detail of mating surfaces of hermaphrodite connector.

Transistor switch module with large screw connectors and small fast-on connectors.…...

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..., particularly in regard to curing time.  In creating and evaluating their fiber optic epoxy formulations, manufacturers rely on a number of tests and measurements that may include Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Storage Modulus, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), and Glass Transition Temperature (T/sub g/).  Fiber optic connector epoxy curing schedules are created in large part to minimize curing oven temperature gradients and to achieve uniform T/sub g/, which minimizes outgassing and lessens the degree to which pistoning can occur within the ferrule. (FIS, 2013) To speed curing time, some installers have begun using fiber optic connector curing ovens designed for "hot-melt" style fiber optic connectors, which operate at temperatures that are 100 to 200 degrees higher than those of epoxy connector curing ovens. This practice violates the epoxy manufacturer's curing instructions and can cause a multitude of problems. These problems range from degraded fiber optic connector performance to complete failure of the optical connection.  * Heat Cure Vs. Room Cure Connector Epoxy When using an epoxy style fiber optic connector, one must decide which type of fiber optic connector epoxy is preferable for the task at hand, namely a "heat cure" epoxy or a "room cure" epoxy. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of both. * Heat Cure Fiber Optic Connector Epoxy Heat Cure fiber optic connector epoxies require...

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...Netlink Inc. is about to introduce its newly developed handheld device, called the Connector, that marries wireless technology with PDA tools. Netlink Inc. is a joint venture of Conglomerate Inc., a major wireless carrier in the United States, and a domestic PC manufacturer. Conglomerate entered this venture not only to take a stake in a rapidly growing market, but also to attract new customers to its cellular services through Connector and similar products to be developed by Netlink. (1. 公司背景在一定程度上具有优势:a major wireless carrier+a domestic PC manufacturer,对新产品的研发和推广都是有利的;2. 公司的目的:参与到这一 rapidly growing market 中、通过这些新产品吸引新的移动通信服务客户。) The Connector, model version 10L, would be Netlink's first major product introduction since the company was formed. While Netlink's management believes in Connector's potential, they are still unclear of how to best position and target their baby to ensure a successful launch. (这就是最主要的任务/问题:positioning & targeting) Wireless is in! But wireless technology is also still in its infancy state, and currently there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about the wireless value proposition. Despite Netlink's view that Connector would be the first handheld device on the market that allows for truly wireless transfer of voice and data, PDAs with similar capabilities, like the Palm VII, are already available or in development. (Connector并不是一个全新的产品,具有类似功能的产品已经存在,例如 the Palm 7。) Currently, however, this type of wireless access is not without severe...

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...NT1310 Physical Networking Unit 6 Exercise 1 Thomas Westbrook Due Date: Unit 6 Exercise 1: Connector Installation Twisted -Pair Cable * Measure the cable you want to put ends on, using a cable cutter trim off the excess * Use a cable stripper to strip about 1 ½ inches of the jacket from the end, then rotate the stripper around the cable twice to cut through the jacket * Remove the stripper and pull the trimmed jacket from the cable, so that you can see the inner conductors. Separate any visible jacket slitting cords that are present, trim it backto the edge of the jacket. * Untwist all the inner conductor pairs and spread them apart so that you can see each individual conductor * Line up the individual conductors so that the color matches the color-coding standard you are using * Trim the conductors so that the ends are even with each other, make sure that the jacketof the cable will be inside the connector. The total length of the exposed connectors after trimming should be no longer then ½ inch to 0.625 inches * Insert the conductors into the connector, make sure that all conductors line up properly with the pins as they were in the previous step. If they don’t line up, try again. Make sure to do this step carefully, it’s the last one before crimping * Carefully insert the connector and cable into the crimping tool. It has two dies that will press into the connector. Push the pins in the connector into the conductorsinside the...

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