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assess the Marxist view that the main role of the family is to serve the interests of capitalism for: Engels argued that
Because capitalism is based on accumulation of property and wealth that capitalism reated the nuclear family and monogamy in marriage
The reason or this is so the family can serve capitalism the nuclear family provided the answer for the capitalist man to pass down his wealth to his legimate heirs and thus wealth was not shared with the lower classes so the bourgeoisie had workers to work for their business and in their factory’s so they could sell and buy items and goods serving capitalism.the wealth stayed in the bloodline so the family could continue to benefit from capitalism
Zaretsky argued that the family helps capitalism as t acts as a net for the man in the house sot he stresses and strains of work do not make him revolt thus keeping capitalism working as they have workers.
Commidities are bought by workers and this keeps a demand of products so capitalism can work
Althusser argues that working class must submit to ruling class this is done by family
Persuading people of natural unchangeable and unfair things in the capitalist system
Item 2 b also talk about how institutions indoctrinate people into believing the benefits of capitalist society and the class system and believing hierarchy just like aalthusser
Parsons believes nuclear family is now here to the meet needs of industry and society
4 functions sexual reproductive educational economic
Equip children with education society’s values and skills allow cooperation with others etc.
Stabilisation of personality’s warm nurturing atmosphere
Integrationist’s Berger and Keller marriage is personal life outside marriage becomes impersonal
Kc Backett becoming parent is a socialisation process of the paretns themselves and not just the...

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