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Connotation refers to the emotional associations and overtones related to a word. For example, a person who is underweight might be described as slight, or scrawny. "Slight" has a fairly positive emotional connotation, while "scrawny" has a negative connotation. paradox A paradox is a statement that first appears to be contradictory but actually states a truth.
"History teaches us that we learn nothing from history informational text
Informational text is non-fiction text that conveys or explains information. The text can appear in a wide variety of forms, such as a non-fiction narrative, charts or graphs, articles, or reports. propaganda Propaganda refers to a message designed to promote an institution, a cause, or a person through persuasive techniques. Advertisement strategies are called "commercial propaganda." denotation "Denotation" refers to the literal dictionary definition of a word. expert testimony
Expert testimony is information about a particular issue, product, or idea given by people qualified to comment based on their authority on the subject statistical evidence
Statistical evidence refers to statistics or numerical data that support an observation. persuasive technique
Persuasive techniques refer to a variety of emotional appeals, or a sequence of logical reasoning that is used to influence an audience analogy Analogy is the relationship between certain aspects of one thing that are comparable to something else, even though there is no direct relationship between the two. emotional appeal
An emotional appeal is a claim that refers to the emotional associations of a product, such as status value, popularity, or appearance, rather than its practical value repetition Repetition is a literary device that involves the repeating of words, phrases, or structures for a desired effect.
I came, I saw, I conquered. appeal to authority
An appeal to authority occurs when one refers to an individual, or a source of information as an expert on a topic.
A euphemism is a mild expression used to describe an otherwise offensive word or topic. For example, dying can be euphemistically described as "passing away," "going to a better place," or "leaving us." comparing Comparing refers to the act of examining two things together in order to determine their similarities. contrasting Contrasting refers to the act of examining two things together to determine their differences. bias Bias is a preference or inclination that prevents using impartial judgment case study
A case study is an in-depth examination of a single event, or a person's experience.

narrative - a story to draw you in active voice anecdotal evidence emotional appeal identification with a real character
Active voice: Sentences in active voice are more powerful, and so they are used more often than passive language in telling stories and in presenting information orally.
Narrative techniques are often used to draw listeners in, connect them with a character and that character’s challenges.

Emotional appeal: One advantage over text that audio has is the ability to use tone of voice to express emotion biome The word "biome" refers to large areas on the earth with similar climates, plants, and animals. chronological essay
A chronological essay is a multi-paragraph composition written in support of a thesis, with the details organized by time, or by steps in a process. thesis statement
A thesis statement summarizes the main ideas of a piece of writing. It is often just one or two sentences that sum up the point you intend to make. metonymy Metonymy refers to substituting a characteristic of a thing for the thing itself. For example, "The wings of the ship sped it upon its way." (Here "wings" stands for sails because the sails act like wings for the ship as it moves over the water.) ecological footprint
An ecological footprint is a measure of one person's demand on natural resources personal essay
A personal essay is a composition written in a strong narrative voice on a topic the writer wishes to explore. The essay returns to the central idea again and again, looking at it from different angles in an attempt to understand it more deeply. tone Tone is the emotional quality of the sound - not what is said, but how it's said. For example, If someone reads a poem without expression, the tone is called flat.

narrative essay
A narrative essay is a multi-paragraph composition written in a story form. exposition An exposition is a systematic explanation of a specific topic. persuasion Persuasion is writing that focuses on convincing the reader of something, motivating the reader to think a certain way, or take up a certain course of action. narration Narration is the act or process of telling a story. Narration is different from pure description or explanation. description Description is a term that refers to how a writer describes a scene and events. See imagery - description can be very plain, or quite rich. expository essayThe expository essay is an extended piece of writing made up of a number of paragraphs. Moreover, it is a piece of nonfiction containing the following: one main idea (thesis statement) usually expressed in the first paragraph (called the introduction) a number of paragraphs, each of which explores or supports the main idea (called the body) a concluding paragraph (called the conclusion) which summarizes or emphasizes the ideas presented in the body different types of paragraphs - narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive - depending on the topic or the purpose of the essay persuasive essay
A persuasive essay is a multi-paragraph composition that attempts to convince the reader of a way of thinking, or motivate the reader to a particular action argumentative essay
An argumentative essay is a multi-paragraph composition that proves a point by anticipating opposing arguments and supporting its statements with evidence. critical question
A critical question is a question designed to support the evaluation of the material being researched, through narrowing and clarifying the research focus. citation A citation is a quotation from, and/or a reference to, an outside source.
"MLA" is an abbreviation for "Modern Language Association" and refers to the citation style most commonly used in the liberal arts and humanities for referencing outside sources. parenthetical documentation
Parenthetical documentation refers to quoting a source in a sentence of the text. works cited list
A Works Cited list is an alphabetical listing of the outside sources used and/or referenced in a research paper. Works Cited lists include information about authorship, title, and publication information.


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