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Conquer and Decide

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Decide & Conquer: Make Winning Decisions and Take Control of Your Life

Stephen P. Robbins, Ph.D.


Praise for Decide & Conquer:
“Do you have trouble making important decisions? If you answered, ‘Well, yes and no,’ you need this book. It's as smart and straightforward as its title. I'm buying my agent five copies. —Joel Siegel Entertainment Editor Good Morning America “I thought making decisions was as natural as breathing— something we just do. Dr. Robbins makes it crystal clear that decision making ability is a skill that can be improved with knowledge from self evaluation and consideration of the right criteria. This book will help not only people who struggle with decisions, but also those who consider themselves effective decision makers.” —Jim Despain, Managing Partner, DESPAINCONVERSE, and co-author of …and Dignity for All “Robbins shows that making good decisions requires more than just knowing the facts. You must know yourself, too! It is the human aspects of the decision-making process that fail. But these problems can be overcome. Start making good decisions now by choosing to read this book.” —John Nofsinger, author of Infectious Greed and Investment Blunders (of the Rich and Famous) “A must read. Robbins translates a vast array of arcane research into a clearly written practical guide that will surely help people make better personal decisions.” —Steven P. Schnaars, author of Marketing Strategy, Second Edition “This is a very personal book that has shown me how to make better choices in my life. The chapter on “Over Confidence” explains why I made some not so good choices and has changed the way I will make decisions from here on out.” —Michael Basch, co-founder, FedEx, and author of Customerculture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day

“I loved this book. It is fun, easy to read and has...

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