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There are many global health issues impacting the international health community. One of the most severe global issues that causes death worldwide is the human immunosufficiency virus (HIV). HIV is considered to be one of the most severe communicable diseases worldwide. Unfortunately, it has become a global pandemic. This paper will serve to discuss HIV, the signs and symptoms, the mode of transmission, treatments, demographics and more. HIV was first reported in Africa in 1981. By 1987, HIV had spread to over one hundred countries. By 2001, HIV became the primary infection leading to death. It takes several years for someone with HIV to develop AIDS, in fact the latency period is ten years. Since 2008, the United Nation had estimated that approximately four million people were living with HIV, over two million people have been recently infected with HIV and approximately two million people worldwide have died from HIV. Africa has the highest ratings of people living with HIV. African Americans account for almost half of HIV infections each year. Both African Americans and Hispanics are at eight to nine times greater than Caucasians to become infected with HIV. Most states have implemented HIV surveillance reports, however most cases are unreliable because many individuals do not want to know their HIV status and they refuse to be tested. An estimate twenty seven percent of individuals are unaware that they are infected with the virus (Maurer &Smith). HIV can be transmitted by three modes of transmission. These three modes include sexual, parenteral and mother to child. HIV can also be contracted through bodily fluids such as blood, semen, saliva and tears. Sexual transmission is one of the most common modes of transmission of HIV. Having sexual intercourse without protection with an HIV infected individual can cause the infection. Gay men account for...

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