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Consequences of Cyber Crime

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Consequences of cyber crime * Identity Theft
Identity theft causes huge financial damage to consumers, lending institutions, retail establishments, and the country’s economy. (Hoofnagle, A.J. 2007) It is a form of stealing someone's identity or personal identifying information. Hackers will use the information to illegal access to another account, password, such as social security identification number (singpass), financial fraud and criminal activity. Identity theft may invade many occasions of our lives. According to a survey report on the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (2007, 11) shows that in 2005, about 8 million Americans are victims of identity theft suffer. * Spiritual Contamination
Cyber crime not only steals someone’s personal information, but also contaminates someone’s sprit. With the development of the times, Internet has already become the most important component of work and daily life. We access internet everyday even the children and elderly people. Therefore, some illegal websites may have unhealthy contents which spread obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence and terrorism or abetting the commission of crimes. These websites can bring spiritual contamination to people especially the young whose futures are closely linked with the future of our country. * Imprisonment
It is evident that many countries suffered a sizeable economic loss as a result of cyber crime. In addition, the cyber crime is on the rise in recent years and offenders are getting younger. Therefore, they established the law to punish people who attacks network spitefully. Once offenders committed crime and are arrested, the adjudication and incarceration of them occur. Offenders would be sent to the prison or have a hefty fine. What’s worse, they were set down as being put into the jail.

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