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Consider the Importance of Essay Writing to Academic Practice in the Social Sciences, with Particular Reference to Priest (2007) and Ballard and Clancy (1988). Draw on Ssk12 Materials and Your Own Experience

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Consider the importance of essay writing to academic practice in the social

sciences, with particular reference to Priest (2007) and Ballard and Clancy (1988). Draw

on SSK12 materials and your own experience.

In this essay I have stipulated the importance of essay writing in the social sciences

outlining knowledge development, bringing fourth the importance of linguistics with the

understanding of cultural laws and language within the areas of social science, showing

the importance of jargon language with comparisons between two subjects and what is

expected from the student in the governing of essay writing. I have also reflected upon

essay writing from a teachers perspective, noting the expectations a teacher looks for in

essay writing, and adding my perspective with an understanding of the essay cultural

system. I have also outlined my experience with the understandings of cultural

expectations in disciplines and essay writing concerning linguistics.

The importance of essay writing academically in the social sciences is structured in the

knowledge internalization, the student writes about the facts that have been a subject of a

lecture or read in an article, furthering the knowledge and retention of a given subject,

“learning to write essays is empowering. It is learning to take one’s place in the world of

ideas” (Priest, 2007). The importance also lies in the intellectual development of a

students knowledge within the social sciences, stimulating a students thoughts to apply

retention, critical thinking, and general interest.

Linguistics, the study of language is the cultural law behind the social science subjects,

and each discipline within the subjects of social science have there own culture and

language that needs to be learnt and understood by the student, “learning within the...

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