Considering the Present

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Considering the Present
Tony Camp
PSY 202
Professor Henry

In this paper I will discuss how becoming a father and how being the first in my family to attend college had a profound influence on my life. I will asses the influence of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory of each experience. According to (Mossler, 2013) “Urie Bronfenbrenner proposed a theory of ecological systems, which focused on broad, interconnected influences on human development.” (Section 2.6 “Urie Bronfenbrenner and Ecological System Theory,” para. 1). I will also examine how I learned from each of my experiences that are apparent in whom I am today and how these experiences apply to my online learning. There was a time when my wife and I thought we were incapable of having our own children together. Her doctor told her that she would never have children due to a procedure that was done during her early teen years on her cervix. This discouraging news made it seem impossible for us to have own our children. Despite the news, we never stopped trying. One day we finally got our blessing and it was confirmed that my wife was pregnant. I remember feeling like I had just hit the lotto when I got the news. The excitement only grew once the months rolled on. It was an incredible feeling when I got the chance to hear the heart beat for the first time and to find out that we were having a boy during a 3D ultrasound. I was ecstatic about becoming a father. I always wanted my own family and I did not feel like my wife and I were complete until we had children. The day our son arrived is when reality started to set in. I knew at that point it was no longer about me anymore. I had to start thinking more responsibly, something I wasn’t doing before. I realized that I needed to be a role model for my son and start instilling in him very young how important morals and values are. As…...

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