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Sep 18th 2012

To: Lorna Gotzman
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Concordia University
1515 St. Catherine west
Montreal Quebec H3G 2W1
Subject line: Course ENCS 6721, Sec. UU, Assignment #1
Dear Ms. Gotzman

I am Mahmoud Elhuni a civil engineer. I got my bachelor degree at Civil Engineering from Tripoli University. I have six year experience in civil work scope in three deferent construction firms. In addition, I have good skills at several engineering program such as AutoCAD, SAB, Project Plan software and Microsoft Office. Moreover, I've invented a device to settle the level of sewage pipes during installation, and I am working to register my invention. My mother language is Arabic, and I speak English as second language. Currently, I am a graduate student in Master degree program at Concordia University, and I am studying construction management in building engineering department.

I am interesting at construction management major because I would like to improve my knowledge in project management planning and controlling. Also, I am willing to study construction processing and controlling project cost by preparing an accurate project cost estimate. My research is about how to estimate the cost of a project by establish an energy unit to estimate the energy that expended in that project. In reality, building the same project in two different cities has different costs. Therefore, instead of estimating the project cost twice, I will estimate the energy expended in the project which will be the same in different places. Subsequently, this will save time and money which are the main elements to the success of any project.

In future, I will work in this scope to be a good cost estimate engineer because of my previous experience. Moreover, I have several ideas at estimating project methods which I plan to work…...