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Constructive: in a Business Education Class

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Constructivist Pedagogy for the Business Management Classroom

In (Partial) Fulfillment

of the Requirements for Basic Communication 25

(Research Writing in Discipline)


Benosa, Mark Joseph

Gyoungseok, Lee

Sanchez, Ann Marie Gabrielle

February 2011

Sentence Outline

Thesis Statement: Although, most College of Business Administration teachers prefer to use the conventional way of teaching, management students would learn best through the learning-by-doing/Constructivist approach because it provides first had experience in the business world and it challenges students way of thinking.
Business education and learning has become challenging over the last few years. The knowledge gained in university education is met until they write and pass their examinations (Gill &Lashine, 2003). Transferring knowledge from the classroom to the workplace has become one of the most important goals of business education. Basic skill development along with sound knowledge of workplace environment has become crucial in the education scenario. Whilst the most important skills needed for the business graduate in this era of globalization are technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary skills (Gill & Lashine, 2003) and whereby universities are educating and training students for the labour market to be professionals and business specialists, academicians still face a great challenge in making students comprehend business concepts and theories at the initial levels.

I. Only a small number of College of Business Administration teachers favour to use the learning-by-doing/constructivist approach way of teaching. Some are still at ease using the traditional way of teaching.

A. Teachers believe that the conventional way is the...

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