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TO: Marylee Luther, HR Director Clapton Commercial Construction
FROM: Cindy Sanchez, Consultant Atwood and Allen Consulting
DATE: March 17, 2014
SUBJECT: Compliance Planning
Atwood and Allen Consulting (AAC) understand that Clapton Commercial Construction (CCC) have plans to expand their existing company of 650 employees located in Detroit, Michigan into the state of Arizona, adding 130 additional employees (20%). This consulting firm has been tasked with researching applicable employment laws so the HR department is in compliance with all State, Federal, and local agencies.
CCC is an existing business with over 15 employees which makes them well equipped with knowledge of Federal employment law requirements. They are complying with these laws at this time and to avoid redundancy the focus of this memo is to address the differing state requirements: * Right to Work/At Will Employment * Wages and Hours * Discrimination * New Hire Reporting/E-verify
Right to Work/At Will Emplyment
Arizona has a Right to Work provision in its constitution and is an At Will employment state. The Right to Work provision “prohibits unions from requiring employers to hire only union employees” (“Labor Employment Laws”, 2013, para.3) nor can they make them pay union dues. Employees have the option of joining and experiencing the rewards of being part of a union by paying union dues, however if they choose not to they can still have a job. At will employment means that any party can terminate employment at any time with or without cause.
Violating these laws can result in fines from the United States Department of Labor and the Department of Arizona Attorney General’s Office. It can also result in very costly litigation, discrimination suits, and wrongful termination claims. Although Arizona is an At Will employment state there are still many steps that have...

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