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DM Consulting
123 Main St.
Millburn, NJ 07041

Mr. Soandso, President
Boston Financial Conglomerate., Inc.
123 Main St. Boston, MA 12345

Dear Mr. Soandso:

Enclosed is the report you requested, giving our opinion regarding future acquisitions and the analysis involved in the process. Please let me know if you have questions or need further information.

Yours truly,
Brian Smith


Future analytical approach

It is my opinion, that when dealing with future acquisitions, financial and accounting analysis is simply not enough. Therefore, it is my recommendation that an aggregate analytical approach include not just fundamental analysis, but also; corporate culture, synergy and customer analysis.

Corporate Culture Analysis

Future acquisitions need to carefully examine the morale and culture of the company being sought after. An overly dependent employee base that clings to its President and CEO presents a certain risk in production loss should the CEO exit the firm. As with the acquisition of Bainbridge House, morale dropped and attrition skyrocketed after Mr. Bainbridge’s passing. A high attrition rate and low morale has been shown to negatively affect production and overall efficiency. Therefore, a careful analysis needs to identify the independence and competitiveness of company employees.

Synergy Analysis

It is not enough to purchase a company based on fundamentals alone. If the company cultures of your firm and the firm being acquired are incompatible, valuable time will be lost looking for personnel replacements. Incompatibilities arise when the two companies have completely different goals and visions. As such, I recommend analyzing the takeover target’s mission statement, managerial goals, and obtaining an overall vision of their company from top to bottom. Doing so will provide invaluable insight into potential hurdles and unforeseen costs that you may run into.

Customer Analysis

A large and painful loss was incurred as eight major customer accounts dropped Bainbridge House. Unfortunately, there was no analysis done as to who the customers are, and what they are looking for. Moving forward, I highly recommend identifying exactly who these customers are before buying the company. If the whole business relationship is predicated on a lasting friendship between management and its major customers, then there will be definitive losses as the old management teams leave and new ones enter. Furthermore, I recommend identifying what these customers are looking for, from the company’s products, to its services. You need to establish how flexible the customers are in terms of product and service change. This is critical since these large customers are a big part of the company’s revenue, which you are looking to acquire.
In summary, there is nothing wrong with accounting and financial analysis; in fact it may be the most important part of the ‘acquisition analysis’ process. However, as is clearly evident, fundamental analysis isn’t enough by itself to ascertain the true value of a takeover target. Careful diligence needs to incorporate looking at fundamental, synergistic, cultural and customer analysis in aggregate to completely identify the takeover targets worth and see the whole picture before making an investment.

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