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In today society many people are always looks for the next big thing in technology from a simple MP3 player to the must high tech computer. With all these different technology at everyone disposal it I can see why this particular product goes along with some of these. I am talking about music, which is an art of making sound. Music is a big business among the big record companies such RCA, Sony, Universal, and EMI. If you really thought about it music is everywhere and in everything especially in advertisements from the simplest radio jiggle to most complex video of some music artist.
Music has evolved in the way it is distributed over the years because the technology in which it was made or how that sound was put down. I remember growing up and seeing that my parents had the 45 records with that single song on the A and B side, then the whole album was on 12’ vinyl. Then they record labels tried the bulky 8 track to put the music on which didn’t last long because the next best thing came along which was a cassette and it was much more popular and compact then the rest.
Now after the cassette, came the Compact Disc which is used today. Record labels believed the CD was cost effective and held its value for the consumer. The prices general run around 15 dollars it really depends on the artist and the year the album was made. A record label use many avenues of distribution, they use such stores as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Music Warehouse just to name a few. Once an album is made for an artist it has to be promoted and one of the best ways for it to be promoted is radio. Record Labels will send sample records to the station of a particular genre and see how the public likes it. They also will send them to various record stores and have the songs played there as well.
I for one brought an album because I was able to hear it at the record or I heard it played on the radio...

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