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Consumer Behavior at Scholfield Honda

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Melanie Penaloza
Dr. Nathan Himelstein
BUS 211

Consumer Behavior at Scholfield Honda

The top influences impacting a consumer’s decision to buy a car from Scholfield Honda is social influence and family influence. In the United State, where we drive pretty much everywhere, your car is the first contact of the world. When you look at someone’s car, you might get an idea of their politics, bank account, occupation, education, musical taste, and favorite weekend activity and that is how social influence works. Group membership influence an individual consumer’s purchase and behavior. Every group establishes certain norms of behavior which are the values, attitudes, and behaviors a group deems appropriate for its members. Also difference in group status and roles can affect the buying behavior.
In social influences we also study the reference group and the social classes which has an influence impact in a consumer’s decision to buy a care but the most and principal influences to go and buy a car from Scholfield Honda is the family influence. Vinnie Koc, a sales consultant at Scholfield Honda, relies more on his experience than the data to sell cars. “The vehicle pretty much sells itself,” says Vinnie. “Most of my customers are previous owners or someone in the family owns a Honda that wants them to buy a Honda”.
If I am going to purchase a car, I will see the sizes of the car, the color, the benefit that the car has, an inexpensive car, one that can satisfy my needs and wants. As student and single girl, I am looking for something small, simple, safety, and searching at I evaluate my alternatives and I make a purchase decision which is the 2011 Honda Accord Sedan. It is a small, elegant car, not expensive and with my favorite color. For a college girl is a good decision but to do my purchase car I will have to save more money so I will wait for a little bit to buy it and have my purchase evaluation.
Honda has a lot of different kind of cars, shapes, sizes, color and prices and it is important that Honda provides with all the information the costumers need to know to make a purchase decision. This video case relates with very important points about “Consumer Behavior.” The influence which I explained at the beginning of this paper and we also see the needs and motives that customer has to buy a car. We see also attitudes when is about to select a car and how the sales person can change and motive these attitude at better point of view. Whit this video case with learned how important is the customer service to provide the good information and make the customer happy and satisfy with their purchase.

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