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Decision making process can be simply described as the act of making an individual's choice as regards a certain field of study. Decision making is based on stages and steps which are to first be followed before reaching any conclusion. It is required for making not only simple but also tough decisions at stake. For instance making a decision about what you will have for breakfast, making a decision to solve a tight problem at your work place among others. Decisions are not made straight, there are several approaches that are to be considered before taking this step. Every organization and department use its own style of approach. Thus it can be concluded that every style has its own strength and weakness. Decision making process ranging from first recognizing a problem or decision to be made, on through framing the problem or decision, identifying and evaluating alternatives, choosing among the alternatives, implementing the chosen alternative, and stabilizing the action plus learning from the experience. 1. Recognition of The Problem Or Decision The first process for the product is the need recognition. What is need recognition? It refers to the first stage of the buyer decision process; in which the consumer recognizes a problem or need. Setting objectives is important for it encourages the chapter to follow good management practices, motivate staff to achieve their sets of objectives and provides a common direction for the members . At this stage we try to recognize and to define objectives to be achieved in a problem solving/decision making situation, and we need to understand how to avoid the common trap of defining a problem in terms of a preferred solution. How to deal with multiple, even competing objectives, often held by different individuals. Here we asking ourselves “:Why are you seeking this evidence , what kind of...

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