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Consumer Behavior in the Asian Market

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If Saab becomes Chinese should it rename?
• Vladimir Djurovic, president at Labbrand, suggests the name might not work well in China. “We have already found in previous research projects on car brand names, that names with this term were not a favourite choice in China because they are a little too spiritual”.
• Given both Labbrand’s expertise and MG’s experience, the acquisition might be the perfect opportunity for repositioning the Saab brand, especially if the product line were to change. However this move is not risk-free.
• Saab’s name “萨博” is widely recognized by the Chinese audience, so renaming might mean losing loyal customers. To solve this Vladimir Djurovic, president of Labbrand, believes that “instead of renaming, Saab could consider developing a better tagline to fit the Chinese market and make the brand more vivid in the imagination of Chinese consumers”.

Chivas Regal Trademark Case
• Chivas Brothers failed to establish that the spirits brand was “well-known” in China before the registration of Chivas Regal clothing in 2003, which would have been grounds to deny the application.Before the 2003 registration by the Wenzhou squatter, Chivas Brothers (the brand owner) had registered the marks in a number of Classes, including 33, which includes alcoholic beverages. However, just because a brand owner registers the mark in one Class this does not automatically protect against other registrants for different goods/services or for products in other Classes. The board has said the Zhejiang man didn’t violate Chinese trademark law because the brand is used in different kinds of products.
• These disputes are won or lost on evidence. Companies that are organized, keep good records, and enjoy management continuity in their overseas operations can prevail, but if a brand owner is unable to come up with sufficient documentation, the squatters will...

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