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Consumer Choice for Internet Service: an Empirical Study

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Internet has become an essential part of our daily life. People use internet for different purposes. Internet is a global system of internet connected computer network. The internet service providers ensure the connection and access into the global system. There are different types of internet services based on the type of connectivity. For example; Broadband, wireless, Wi max etc.
Broadband refers to cable connection used for internet service. Wireless and Wi max both are almost same but they differ in terms of their radio technology. Wi max is more mature and advance technology.
The current government’s target to make digital Bangladesh has served the enrichment of internet technology in this country very well. Now there are new and more powerful companies are entering into this industry measuring its potentials. There are existing companies who are trying hard to capture the market. For example: Qubee, banglalion, Grameenphone internet, Citycell Zoom, and numerous other local broadband service providers.


QUBEE a company from AUGERE is a new and exciting name in the world of Internet in South Asia. It was founded in 2007 with mission to provide “broadband for all” and is working to bring available, affordable, and accessible broadband internet service to undeserved communities worldwide.
The Company has so far been launched in Pakistan in July, 2007 and in Bangladesh in October, 2009. AUGERE is also expecting to launch QUBEE in other countries as well.
QUBEE is the creation of a group of global telecoms professionals who saw that a new technology called WiMAX could really change the internet experience for millions of people worldwide. WiMAX means that you don’t need telephone lines or cable to get connected.


Banglalion Communications Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in Bangladesh on 5 Nov 2008 under the Companies Act, 1994. The company obtained license from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to operate Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services nationwide using WiMAX technology in 18 November 2008. Banglalion Communications Limited is the largest 4G Wireless Broadband service provider of Bangladesh in terms of coverage, subscriber number and revenue. Banglalion was incorporated on September 05, 2008 as a private limited company. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) awarded the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) operator license to Banglalion on November 18, 2008. Banglalion became a public limited company on May 07, 2011. Banglalion is planning to be listed with Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange by mid of 2012. The Authorized capital of Banglalion is BDT 5 (Five) billion, as of June 2011. As of June 2011, the total investment in Banglalion is more than BDT 4.5 billion. As of September 2011, Banglalion has a total workforce of more than 600 employees. The license allows using WiMAX standard 802.16e and onward revisions only.

Grameenphone Internet:

Mobile Operator Grameenphone has introduced a new generation high-speed 3G modem. This is The first time GP has directly launch 3G modem on the market .This is rumor that Bangladeshi government distributes 3G licensee very soon. GP claimed that new Grameenphone Internet Modem is a faster, reliable and easy to use device.

Citycell Zoom:
Citycell provides a wireless internet service called Citycell zoom. Ultra is a new and upgraded package from Zoom™ high-speed wireless internet service that runs on advance wireless technology. You can experience download speeds of up to 512 kbps, and the Zoom Ultra connection enables you to access this high-speed internet by simply connecting to your laptop or desktop computer.
Zoom Ultra provides never-before internet speeds on the move, and plug-and-play service through a versatile USB interface. The high speeds facilitate a superior internet browsing experience with video streaming, video surveillance, and rich media content.
Broadband is a locally provided internet service. It is an area based network coverage. The cost is relatively low and flexibility is also low in case of broadband. There are cables, routers and LAN cards used to get the broadband connection. Usually coaxial and optical fiber cables are used for providing broadband internet connections. The use of cables makes the speed slower for broadband. However, now-a-days the speed of broadband has significantly increased and it has also become popular in Dhaka due to its low cost.


The use of internet has increased significantly in our country. People use internet for their academic, entertainment, and business purposes. The main objective of the study is to find out the factors that has significant influence on the purchase decision of an Internet service. The research purpose is to identify the effect of factors like speed, price, network, portability, after sales service and status on the purchase decision of internet service.
More importantly, which factor has the most influence over the purchase decision of an internet service.
If the above mentioned objectives can be examined through the research a better understanding of the disposition factors can be found out here.


Theoretical Foundation:

Purchase decision:
Determination of whether it is more advantageous to make a particular item in-house, or to buy it from a supplier. The choice involves both qualitative (such as quality control) and quantitative (such as the relative cost) factors. Possibly the most challenging concept in marketing is trying to understand why buyers do what they do (or don’t do). But such knowledge is critical for marketers since having a strong understanding of buyer behavior will help shed light on what is important to the consumer and also suggest the important influences on consumer decision-making. Using this information, marketers can create marketing programs that they believe will be of interest to consumers.
Research suggests that consumers go through a five-stage decision-making process in any purchase. This is summarized in the diagram below: This model is important for anyone making marketing decisions. It forces the marketer to consider the whole buying process rather than just the purchase decision (when it may be too late for a business to influence the choice)
The model implies that consumers pass through all stages in every purchase. However, in more routine purchases, consumers often skip or reverse some of the stages. For example, a student buying a favorite hamburger would recognize the need (hunger) and go right to the purchase decision, skipping information search and evaluation. However, the model is very useful when it comes to understanding any purchase that requires some thought and deliberation. A consumer can obtain information from several sources: • Personal sources: family, friends, neighbors etc. • Commercial sources: advertising; salespeople; retailers; dealers; packaging; point-of-sale displays. • Public sources: newspapers, radio, television, consumer organizations; specialist magazines. • Experiential sources: handling, examining, using the product.

Internet Speed:
Internet speed refers to the quickness of operating or browsing internet. The term “speed” also stands for the quickness uploading and downloading from the internet. This speed measured using kbps, Mbps etc as unit.

Consumer Perceived Price:
The perceived price includes all the cost the buyer faces when making a purchase: purchase price, acquisition costs, transportation cost, installation cost, order handling, repairs and maintenance, risk of failure or poor performance. Low package rate of wireless internet service operator has been identified as a critical factor in the choice of the wireless internet service provider, especially among younger people. Also low package rate of the internet service provider plays an important role in the choice especially among middle and high income consumers.

Network Coverage:

Network coverage means the availability of a service provider's IP network can be thought of as the "reach ability" between the regional points of presence. Sometimes it is seen that being in a good location network is not available to the customers or cannot get the constant network service. In this study, we take network coverage as an influential factor to choose an internet connection because customer doesn’t want to find themselves out of network while they are using an internet connection.


Portability refers to the ability to carry the internet everywhere. Now-a-days the use of laptop computers has increased significantly. People want to carry their internet service along with their laptops. So, portability of an internet service is an issue of concern for this research.
After Sales Service: After sales service means all the services proposed by the vendor, manufacturer or service provider after the purchase. As internet connection is all about service so after taking a connection whether it gives the constant service while any customer facing any problem or whether it provides the promised service quality is important to consider.

Analytical model:

We developed a “Mathematical Model” for our research purpose. We used Multiple Regression Equation to identify and analyze the dependent and independent variables. The Multiple Regression Equation we used is:

Y (Purchase of Internet Service) = x1.(Speed) b1+ x2.(Price) b2+ x3.(Network Coverage) b3+ x4.(Portability) b4+ x5.(After sales service) b5.
Research questions:

The Broad Statement is: ▪ Which factors influence consumer purchase decision for wireless internet service?
The specific statement is: ▪ To find out specifically which factors such as package rate, customer care service, internet speed, network coverage, billing facilities and promotional activity have influence on individual’s purchase decision for internet service.
At first we collected data from secondary sources. This gave us a better scenario about the independent variables (package rate, consumer care service, internet speed, network coverage, billing facilities and promotional activity). It gives us an aid in making the research questions and develop hypothesis. Our research questions mainly focus on the specific components. The research questions regarding specific components are as below:

1. Does internet speed influence consumer purchase decision?

2. Does Price influence consumer purchase decision?

3. Does network coverage influence consumer purchase decision?

4. Does portability influence consumer purchase?

5. Does the After sales service influence consumer purchase decision?


Hypotheses is the possible answer of the research question. Hypotheses based on the six research questions are given below:
H1: Internet speed influences consumer purchase decision.

H2: Price influences consumer purchase decision.

H3: Network coverage influences consumer purchase decision.

H4: Portability influence consumer purchase decision.

H5: After sales service influences consumer purchase decision.

Research Design:

Type of Research design:

We have collected data from secondary sources to find out the major factors. So, there was no need for “Exploratory research” as the factors found to be reliable.

Now we will shift to a Quantitative approach known as “Conclusive Research Design”. Because its will be more efficient, structured and formal design process. Data analyzing are more reliable in this approach. So now we will conduct the “Descriptive and the Causal Research” to meet the proper accuracy on our marketing research process.

Data collection:

Secondary data has been collected and used to generate 5 independent variables. These are the most important factors so far found from other articles and research projects.

Primary data has been collected based on dependent variable and independent variables from East West University students. We have used survey method for collecting data.

Questionnaire Design:
In the beginning of the questionnaire we have started with a Dichotomous question. Then for collecting usage information we have used unambiguous question. Based on secondary data we have developed 5 factors and 28 questioners. For dependent variable we have used 8 variables for measurement that includes 5 independent variables as well. Independent variable included questions considering 5 factors Speed, Price, Network coverage, Portability, After sales service. We have developed 20 questions based on scale to measure independent variables.

Scaling Techniques:
A 5 point Likert scale was used to question the respondents on the five point scale. The respondents were asked to rate on the scale between Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree. We have used the likert scale to get quantitative information from our respondents. The likert scale makes the respondents comfortable in answering based on numerical values. As we are using mathematical model and regression analysis for our research analysis, the likert scale makes it easier for us to do so.

Sampling Techniques:
From several sampling techniques we have chosen a non-probability sampling technique called Convenience sampling technique. As our sample was East West university students, we assume that all of them has an internet connection in their home. So we conducted the survey randomly in the East West university campus.

Measurement of Reliability/Internal Consistency:

Multi-item measures were used to get the data on the constructs considered. A total of 28 items were constructed for the questionnaire to measure, regarding five independent factors. Reliability/ Internal Consistency of multi-item scales for each of the constructs were measured using Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha. The minimally acceptable reliability for primary research should be in the range of point five (0.50) and above. (Nunnally, 1967) Based on the assessment a total of 27 items measuring the constructs were finally retained for final use. Coefficient alpha values were computed for each construct separately which ranged from point 0.5191 to 0.7610.

Table 1

Summary of the Reliability Measurement
Item-Total Statistics

|Dimensions |Number of item |Alpha value |
|Purchase of Internet Service Y (dependent) |7 |.5216 |
|Speed x1 (independent) |4 |.5905 |
|Price x2 (independent) |5 |.5191 |
|Network Coverage x3 (independent) |4 |.7443 |
|Portability x4 (independent) |4 |.7579 |
|After sales service x5 (independent) |3 |.7610 |

While measuring internal consistency of dependent variable we first used 8 variables. However, the value of the cronbach alpha was below 0.50 which is not acceptable. So, we had to remove the inconsistent variable “d6 (Status)” to generate an alpha of acceptable level.
Other independent variables are also measured in the same manner and there was no inconsistent variable found as all values are above the acceptable level.


Analysis Techniques
Once the reliability analysis was done, then, we calculated the mean value of dependent variable (Purchasing of Internet service) and independent variables (Speed, Price, Network coverage, Portability, and After sales service). Finally, we completed the analysis part through regression analysis.
Hypotheses Testing:
Here we are going to test our hypothesis that we have developed on the five factors. For the test we are maintaining certain a degree of error or level of significance which is α= 0.10.

H0: Internet speed does not influence consumer purchase decision.
H1: Internet speed influences consumer purchase decision.

|Independent |Unstandardized Coefficients |Standardized Coefficients |t |Sig. |
|Variables | | | | |
| |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|Speed |.414 |.142 |.427 |2.923 |0.005 |

The observed table shows that “Speed” has a significant positive influence (β=.427) on consumers choice of internet service. Moreover the P value = 0.005 is smaller than the Alpha value α=0.10. So hypothesis H1 is accepted and H0 null hypothesis is rejected. Internet speed influences consumer purchase decision.

H0: Price does not influence consumer purchase decision.

H1: Price influences consumer purchase decision.

|Independent |Unstandardized Coefficients |Standardized Coefficients |t |Sig. |
|Variables | | | | |
| |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|Price |-.160 |.091 |-.228 |-1.757 |0.086 |

The observed table shows that “Price” has a significant negative influence (β=-.228) on consumers choice of internet service. However the P value = 0.086 is smaller than the Alpha value α=0.10. So hypothesis H1 is accepted and H0 null hypothesis is rejected. Price influences consumer purchase decision.

H0: Network coverage does not influence consumer purchase decision.

H1: Network coverage influences consumer purchase decision.

|Independent |Unstandardized Coefficients |Standardized Coefficients |t |Sig. |
|Variables | | | | |
| |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|Network Coverage |-9.61E-03 |.107 |-.015 |-.090 |0.929 |

The observed table shows that “Network Coverage” has a negative influence (β=-.015) on consumers choice of internet service. Moreover the P value = 0.929 is larger than the Alpha value α=0.10. So hypothesis H1 is rejected and H0 null hypothesis is accepted. Network Coverage doesn’t influence consumer purchase decision.

H0: Portability does not influence consumer purchase decision.

H1: Portability influences consumer purchase decision.

|Independent |Unstandardized Coefficients |Standardized Coefficients |t |Sig. |
|Variables | | | | |
| |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|Portability |.187 |.095 |.334 |1.981 |0.054 |

The observed table shows that “Portability” has a significant positive influence (β=.334) on consumers choice of internet service. Moreover the P value = 0.054 is smaller than the Alpha value α=0.10. So hypothesis H1 is accepted and H0 null hypothesis is rejected. Portability influences consumer purchase decision.

H0: After sales service does not influence consumer purchase decision.

H1: After sales service influences consumer purchase decision.

|Independent |Unstandardized Coefficients |Standardized Coefficients |t |Sig. |
|Variables | | | | |
| |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|After Sales Service |-.125 |.080 |-.247 |-1.556 |0.127 |

The observed table shows that “After sales service” has a significant negative influence (β=-.247) on consumers choice of internet service. However the P value = 0.127 is smaller than the Alpha value α=0.10. So hypothesis H1 is rejected and H0 null hypothesis is accepted. After sales service doesn’t influence consumer purchase decision.

Regression Analysis:

|Model |R |R Square |Adjusted R Square |Std. Error of the Estimate |
|1 |.560 |.313 |.235 |.3813 |

After the regression analysis we have found that the R Square value is .313. Which means the Speed, Price, Network Coverage, Portability, and After sales service (independent variables) has 31.3% influence of impact over the Purchase decision of internet service (dependent variable).

We can say other unidentified factors and some extraneous variables have the rest 68.7% influence over the purchase decision. So, we can keep those for further research.

Demographic Factors:
We have considered demographic factors like gender, level of education, occupation and income level of the respondents. From those answers we can find the income level groups, occupations and education level of users.

From the analysis we found that 44% of the respondents were female whearas 56% of them were male. We can say that both male and female groups share similar level of concern towards the use of internet. (Appendix E)

Level of Education:
Most of our respondents were graduate with the highest percentage of 54%. Then we have 34% HSC passed and 2% SSC and Post graduate each. (Appendix F)

From the 50 respondents 94% of them were students. Others were private employees and business persons. This high percentage of students appears because we conducted the survey in the premises of East West University and mostly available respondents were students of the university. (Appendix G)

Income Level:

As most of our respondents were students, the level of income was mostly below BDT 10,000/-. However, there were respondents who have income between BDT 10,000-20,000 and even BDT 40,000 to 75,000. (Appendix H)


We have faced many obstacles in the time conducting the research. The main limitations are given below:

▪ First the study used convenient sample- more specifically the students of East West University. There exist many arguments in favor and against the convenience sampling method. Several authors have enumerated the danger of using student samples in Research (Beltramini1983; Oakes 1972).

▪ The respondents were reluctant to provide appropriate data.

▪ There were some questions in the questionnaire where respondents wanted to give more than one answers. For example Purpose of using internet (Q 25).

▪ There was time constrains as there were other term papers and exams.

▪ The R square value was 31.3% which indicates that there are other factors that were needed to be considered.

▪ The extraneous variables were not controlled as there were lack of resources and time.

▪ Although it can be concluded that these findings can be appropriate for the population of university students, since their consumption pattern are quite generic.


In the report, we have tried to identify factors that influence consumer choice of internet service. For this we have used five factors to test their influence on the purchase decision of internet service. The five factors are Speed, Price, Network coverage, Portability and After sales service.

We had to make sure about the internal consistency which we did using cronbach’s coefficient alpha and we found all of the independent variables consistent. Then by applying regression analysis we found that out of the five factors Speed, Price and Portability has significant influence on the purchase decision of internet service. Network coverage and After sales service has no significant influence on the purchase decision. However, among the three significant factors price has significant negative influence on the purchase decision.

Although we have to keep it in mind that this research was done on the students of East West University only. So, our research findings are applicable only for East West university students. These findings can be used as theory and may not be applicable for practical situations.

As we know that there are other users of internet service other than university students. People use internet for business, security, and profession etc. Therefore, the findings should not be generalized for any decision making, rather it creates more opportunity to study on those respondents who did not participate in this survey.


For any future study in this field, it can be recommended that –

▪ While conducting research, the factors which were not included in this research should be taken into consideration.

▪ For the actual understanding of the market study, instead of convenient sampling of students, business persons, employees, professionals etc should also be included.

▪ Only 50 respondents were surveyed in this research, and specifically from the same university, therefore, in future a diverse respondent group who are potential customers can be surveyed for better accuracy of the data.

▪ For the time limitation and other reasons extraneous factors were not measured. However, there is a possibility that these factors might influence the respondents’ choice of answers. So this should also be tested.


• Malhotra, J 2007-2008, “Marketing Research”, 5th Edition, Prentice-Hall, New Delhi.

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We the students of East West University are doing the course Marketing Research as part of our BBA program. As requirements of the course we need to conduct a survey of “Consumer’s choice of Internet services”.
Part - A
1. Do you have an internet connection in your computer? o Yes o No
Note: If your answer is “Yes” then please continue the following questions and put your statement in the appropriate box regarding the respective factors in any range from 1 to 5 scales; where SA= Strongly Agree, A= Agree, N= Neutral, D= Disagree, SD= Strongly Disagree. If your answer is “No” then please return the questionnaire.

2. Factors affecting consumer choice of Internet services:

|Factors |SA |A |N |D |SD |
| |(5) |(4) |(3) |(2) |(1) |
|Speed is an important factor for purchasing an internet service | | | | | |
|Price plays an important role for purchasing an internet service | | | | | |
|Network coverage has a great impact on purchase decision of Internet service | | | | | | |
|Portability is important for an Internet Service | | | | | |
|After sales service is a significant factor in case of purchasing an Internet | | | | | |
|service | | | | | |
|Status is considered for purchasing an Internet service | | | | | |
|Promotion is an important factor for purchasing an internet service | | | | | |
|Design plays an important role for purchasing an internet connection | | | | | |

|SL |Factors |SA |A |N |D |SD |
|3. |High speed internet is preferred by me | | | | | |
|4. |I like Internet connection that provides high speed | | | | | |
|5. |Speed reflects quality of an internet service | | | | | | |
|6. |Internet with low speed irritates me | | | | | |
|7. |High price reflects high quality of internet service | | | | | |
|8. |I like internet service with low price | | | | | |
|9. |I like to pay high price for my internet service | | | | | |
|10. |High price is paid for good internet service | | | | | |
|11. |Low price of internet reflects low quality | | | | | |
|12. |I want broad network coverage for my Internet service | | | | | |
|13. |I want to have internet service in every corner of the country | | | | | |
|14. |More network coverage is not useful to me | | | | | |
|15. |More network coverage means more reliability | | | | | |
|16. |I want my internet service to be highly portable | | | | | |
|17. |I like to carry my internet service everywhere | | | | | |
|18. |I like my internet connection to be highly flexible for carrying | | | | | |
|19. |Portability is not desired by me | | | | | |
|20. |I want better after sales service | | | | | |
|21. |I want my internet connection related problems should be immediately| | | | | |
| |solved | | | | | |
|22. |After sales service is not important to me | | | | | |

Part - B

23. Which internet service are you using? o Broadband o Qubee o Banglalion o Citycell Zoom o Grameen Phone o Banglalink o Others (Please Specify)..................................................

24. How long have you been using internet? o Less than a month. o Between 1 to 6 months. o Between 6 months to 1 year. o More than 1 year.

25. What is the main purpose of using Internet?

o Academic. o Entertainment. o Social Networking. o Work o Business o Others (Please Specify)..................................................

26. What is the duration of your daily internet usage? o Less than 1 hour. o About 1-3 hours. o More than 3 hours. o Not daily used.
Part – C

27. Gender o Male o Female

28. My level of Education is - o SSC o HSC o Graduate o Post-Graduate o PhD o Others (Please Specify)..................................................

29. My profession is -

o Student o Private Employee o Govt. Employee o Professional (Please Specify).................................................. o Businessperson o Others (Please Specify)..................................................

30. My monthly income in BDT -

o Below 10,000

o 10,001 to 20,000

o 20,001 to 40,000

o 40,001 to 75,000

o 75,000 Above

Thank You for Your Cooperation
Appendix B

Reliability of Dependent variable:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

D1 22.7800 8.0118 .3438 .4701
D2 23.3200 6.9159 .3333 .4479
D3 23.0200 7.8976 .1795 .5119
D4 23.8600 7.9596 .1597 .5195
D5 23.2800 7.9200 .1696 .5158
D7 23.9800 6.5098 .3433 .4402
D8 24.8800 6.5159 .3067 .4600

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 7

Alpha = .5216

Wrong Alpha of Dependent variable:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Mean Std Dev Cases

1. D1 4.7400 .5272 50.0 2. D2 4.2000 .9035 50.0 3. D3 4.5000 .7890 50.0 4. D4 3.6600 .7982 50.0 5. D5 4.2400 .7969 50.0 6. D6 3.3400 1.0616 50.0 7. D7 3.5400 1.0144 50.0 8. D8 2.6400 1.0645 50.0

N of
Statistics for Mean Variance Std Dev Variables SCALE 30.8600 10.0412 3.1688 8

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

D1 26.1200 8.8016 .3074 .3714
D2 26.6600 7.7800 .2867 .3477
D3 26.3600 8.9290 .1039 .4277
D4 27.2000 8.9388 .0975 .4304
D5 26.6200 8.9751 .0903 .4332
D6 27.5200 9.3159 -.0620 .5216
D7 27.3200 6.9159 .3929 .2812
D8 28.2200 6.8690 .3655 .2928

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 8

Alpha = .4283

Appendix C
Alpha of Speed:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

S1 13.7000 2.0510 .6169 .3785
S2 13.6200 2.3220 .4195 .5041
S3 14.0000 1.7551 .5693 .3516
S4 14.0600 2.1392 .1050 .8094

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 4

Alpha = .5905

Alpha of Price:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

P1 11.6000 8.7755 -.0115 .6173
P2 12.7000 7.2347 .2139 .5088
P3 12.1400 6.4494 .3436 .4253
P4 11.4400 5.5576 .5947 .2497
P5 11.8000 6.4898 .3438 .4255

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 5

Alpha = .5191
Alpha of Network Coverage:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

N1 12.1200 3.9853 .4892 .7187
N2 11.6600 4.0657 .6325 .6364
N3 12.2000 4.1224 .5536 .6769
N4 12.0800 4.3200 .4920 .7106

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 4

Alpha = .7443

Alpha of Portability:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

PT1 11.6200 5.2200 .6595 .6395
PT2 11.2000 5.9592 .6214 .6697
PT3 11.2600 5.7065 .6463 .6532
PT4 12.0000 6.6122 .3370 .8202

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 4

Alpha = .7579

Alpha of After sales service:

R E L I A B I L I T Y A N A L Y S I S - S C A L E (A L P H A)

Item-total Statistics

Scale Scale Corrected Mean Variance Item- Alpha if Item if Item Total if Item Deleted Deleted Correlation Deleted

ASS1 8.2400 3.8188 .5468 .7311
ASS2 8.0800 3.4220 .7078 .5706
ASS3 8.6400 2.7657 .5700 .7438

Reliability Coefficients

N of Cases = 50.0 N of Items = 3

Alpha = .7610
Appendix D

Regression analysis:

Model Summary

|Model |R |R Square |Adjusted R Square |Std. Error of the Estimate |
|1 |.560 |.313 |.235 |.3813 |

a Predictors: (Constant), AVGASS, AVGP, AVGPT, AVGS, AVGN

| | |Unstandardized| |Standardized |t |Sig. |
| | |Coefficients | |Coefficients | | |
|Model | |B |Std. Error |Beta | | |
|1 |(Constant) |2.338 |.659 | |3.546 |.001 |
| |AVGS |.414 |.142 |.427 |2.923 |.005 |
| |AVGP |-.160 |.091 |-.228 |-1.757 |.086 |
| |AVGN |-9.607E-03 |.107 |-.015 |-.090 |.929 |
| |AVGPT |.187 |.095 |.334 |1.981 |.054 |
| |AVGASS |-.125 |.080 |-.247 |-1.556 |.127 |

a Dependent Variable: AVGD
Appendix E


| | |Frequency |Percent |Valid Percent |Cumulative Percent |
|Valid |Male |28 |56.0 |56.0 |56.0 |
| |Female |22 |44.0 |44.0 |100.0 |
| |Total |50 |100.0 |100.0 | |


Appendix F

Level of Education:

| | |Frequency |Percent |Valid Percent |Cumulative Percent |
|Valid |SSC |1 |2.0 |2.0 |2.0 |
| |HSC |17 |34.0 |34.0 |36.0 |
| |Graduate |27 |54.0 |54.0 |90.0 |
| |Post graduate |1 |2.0 |2.0 |92.0 |
| |Others |4 |8.0 |8.0 |100.0 |
| |Total |50 |100.0 |100.0 | |

Appendix G


| | |Frequency |Percent |Valid Percent |Cumulative Percent |
|Valid |Student |47 |94.0 |94.0 |94.0 |
| |Pvt. emp |2 |4.0 |4.0 |98.0 |
| |Business |1 |2.0 |2.0 |100.0 |
| |Total |50 |100.0 |100.0 | |

Appendix H

Level of Income:

| | |Frequency |Percent |Valid Percent |Cumulative Percent |
|Valid |

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