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Consumer diary is a great tool to provide on information on buying habits of certain consumers, including data on their expenditures. In this paper, we will examine and compare the consumer diary between 2 students, Dhinda and Rizki, by recording the expenditures in a diary for 1-week period. We will list the most significant purchases at each day and observe them relating to consumer behavior theories. Later, a conclusion would me made to understand more on how consumers choose products or services.

Exploration of consumption experiences – Dhinda Tatyana Suherto Date | Time | Item/service acquired | Brand acquired | Location oc acquisition | description | 27/03/13 | 18.00 | Movie Ticket | Blitz Megaplex | Pacific Place | I purchased the tickets to fulfill my desire to watch this movie I have been curious about for a long time. | 27/03/13 | 21.00 | Dinner | Sushi Tengoku | Radio Dalam | Me and my friends were hungry and looking to grab something to eat. There were comparisons of restaurants, wanting to try new foods and because of good reviews, also location wise, this restaurant is chosen. | 28/03/13 | 14.00 | Lunch | - | Pertok Pondok Indah | I always purchase this at work because it is easiest (delivers to the place I work, so I only had to make a phone call), fastest, delicious, and good value of money. | 30/03/13 | 16.00 | Snacks | Magnum, Cheetos, Chic Choc, etc | Indomaret | I passed through Indomaret with my sister and she wants to buy some ice cream. Intended to buy only ice cream, we end up buying snacks to stock up for few days. | 31/03/13 | 16.00 | Legging | - | ITC Fatmawati | My leggings were starting to wear out initially, and when I catch this pretty designs with great deal of price, I buy the leggings due to comfort. It is also basic clothing I like to own. | 01/04/13 | 19.00 | Softlens | Acuvue | Margonda City | I routinely purchase the same brand every 3 months as primary needs due to having minus eyesight. I tried other brands before, but always came back to Acuvue. | 02/04/13 | 20.00 | Premium Gas | Pertamina | Karang Tengah | I have to purchase this as a car owner, in order to keep the car active as the gas is emptying. | 03/04/13 | 08.00 | Toll | Jasamarga | Cipete/Pondok Labu | The purchase was made to get to campus faster than not taking the toll, also more convenient. | 03/04/13 | 13.30 | Lunch | - | Kantin FE | The purchase was made due to basic needs of food, cheapest, and tastiest. |

On the 27th, I started the first consumer diary. The most significant purchase on that day was buying a service type – movie ticket. This decision behavior was categorized as a “limited problem solving” as it involved medium consumer involvement and search. Me and my friends, as a consumer, excitedly wanting to watch this newly launched movie. However we have a problem recognition that it seemed there are high demands for this movie. So to encounter the problem, we did some information search on which place are able to be booked several days before. We considered the alternatives from the location, 3D availability, availability to reserve ticket, and promotions. After comparing some alternatives of cinemas, we chose the Blitz Megaplex at Pacific Place and booked the tickets to prevent on not getting a seat due to overly crowded and also not to queue. This way we get more comfort and convenience. We managed to get 3D and reserved few days before. Other reason to choose the Blitz Megaplex was because of a promotion; one of my friends owns coupons providing “buy 1 get 1 free” tickets.
The very next day, I spent a relatively low amount of money for lunch. I am working as a part time English teacher and had one hour break. I needed to grab something to eat at that noon. The decision to purchase for food is purely motivated by physiological arousal, the hunger and thirst, to fulfill my innate needs or primary needs. The fastest food provided is from Pertok Pondok Indah. By making a phone call to one of the sellers, it was delivered right away within around 10 minutes to the place I work at. There are other foods around the place I work, including restaurants, cafes, and drive thrus, however after doing some quick mental accounting, I get the best outcome by purchasing siomay and poffertjes from Pertok Pondok Indah with very little amount of money compared to other booths or restaurants, with the same result; to filling my innate needs. This was an easy purchase for me.
On April 1st, I had to purchase a new pair of softlens because mine was about to be expired in a few more days. I had an evoked set for the brand Acuvue when it comes to buying lenses. Other brands hit the elimination-by-aspects rule- as the comfort, color choices, water level, and durability from Acuvue wins this brand over any other brands. This purchasement has no heuristics at all, because I previously have had tried and experienced with other brands and I always come back to Acuvue, making a loyalty to me as a consumer as well as habitual. This purchase is categorized to fulfill my physiological needs as health – without using lenses I get blurry vision. Also it is to fulfill my Ego needs as self-esteem; I can use glasses, however lenses are much comfier and boost my confidence and make up to my ideal-self concept.
The last purchase to be talked is purchasing gas for my car. The gas I purchase was Premium from Pertamina. As a car owner, the problem is I have to make a routine purchase for my car. This is a weekly purchasement for me repeatedly every around 6 to 7 days. This was a low effort purchase, as I have only one choice of gas, which is Premium to suit best for my car. Also, any place to fill the tank was not a problem for all the gas stations would provide the same Premium. The location would vary each week, depends on which gas station I pass through over the last day of the week. This particular week the purchase of gas was made in Karang Tengah which is closest to my home. I did not make any information search because

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