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Consumer Insights 1-1

1. Lifestyles centers allow the consumer to peruse the items available for sale in a relaxed setting. Consumers are able to stop and grab a bite to eat or go to a movie during their shopping excursion. The consumer is also able to take the items purchased home on the same day instead of waiting for it to be shipped.

2. Lifestyle centers are not able to house the same large number of shops that a traditional mall is able too. The consumer is limited to a small number of stores to make purchases. If the consumer wishes to visit a specific store, this is not an issue. However, when it comes to browsing several stores the product variability will not be the same as in a traditional mall. Also, during inclement weather, the outdoor mall setting will not be optimal. A consumer will be less willing to browse store to store when the weather is not ideal. A traditional mall, however, protects the consumer from the weather and promises the ideal shopping climate every time.

3. I am not sure what a virtual lifestyle center would look like. I am sure it would be possible to create because online anything is possible. However, it appears that one of the major attractions to a lifestyle center is the ability to stop for a coffee or see a movie and this does not seem feasible online. If one were created, I would imagine it would offer a small variety of stores set up to allow the consumer easy shopping among them all. Perhaps one checkout procedure would complete the transactions from all of the stores. It would be hard to mimic the outdoor feel that lifestyle centers market, but with the appropriate web layout, it would be possible to give the consumer a relaxing shopping experience.

Consumer Insight 1-2

1. The Nike brand has a reputation for its high priced items. For Andre to save enough money despite his low income, it shows that...

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