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Consumer Motivation

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Diversity is not a new phenomenon. We all seek different pleasures and spend our money in different ways. One husband and wife may spend their vacation on a cruise to Singapore, their friends may prefer a camping trip to Nathiagali. One father and mother may buy their young child a bicycle; another may buy theirs a personal computer. One woman may spend her Christmas bonus on a new washer/dryer; her neighbor may spend hers to join a health club.
Human needs – consumer needs – are the basis of all modern marketing. Needs are the essence of the marketing concept. The key to a company’s survival, profitability and growth in a highly competitive marketing environment is its ability to identify and satisfy unfulfilled consumer needs better and sooner than the competition.
Marketers do not create needs, though in some instances they may make consumers more keenly aware of unfelt needs. Successful marketers define their markets in terms of the needs they presume to satisfy, rather than in the terms of the products they sell. This is a market-oriented, rather than a production-oriented, approach to marketing. A marketing orientation focuses on the needs of the buyer; a production-orientation focuses on the needs of the seller. The Marketing concept implies that the manufacturer will make only what it knows people will buy; a production orientation implies that the manufacturer will try to sell what it decides to make.
There are countless examples of products that have succeeded in the marketplace because they fulfilled consumer needs; there are even more examples of products and companies that have failed because they didn’t recognize or understand consumer needs.
What is Motivation?
We are interested in motivation because it is the driving force of behavior and there must be a reason, a motive for purchasing, and using products....

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